Report:  Eric Bieniemy unlikely to take Colorado job

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The Chiefs appear likely to keep offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy for another season.

Although Bieniemy has been named as a candidate for the vacant head coaching job at Colorado, there’s been no traction in talks between the two sides, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports.

Bieniemy has interviewed for several head-coaching vacancies in the NFL but has so far not received an offer. The Colorado job would seem to be a step down from the jobs he’s been considered for previously, but Colorado is both his alma mater and the first place he ever worked as an assistant coach, so that might make Bieniemy consider the offer.

The 50-year-old Bieniemy has spent the last two years as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator. He also spent two years as Colorado’s offensive coordinator and has had multiple jobs as a running backs’ coach. He played in the NFL from 1991 to 1999.

12 responses to “Report:  Eric Bieniemy unlikely to take Colorado job

  1. I couldn’t imagine him taking the Colorado job making sense. Good for him. Hope he gets a head coaching job next year.

  2. He is certainly setting himself up for well deserved career advancement. He’s had tremendous success.

  3. He shouldn’t take it. He’s a highly qualified football coach with a good resume. He didn’t get a HC job this cycle, but he probably will next year. So while it feels like a year too late, by this time next season he could be running a team in the NFL. It may even end up being a better team than what he would have gotten this year.

    I myself am not sure of several of the hires this year (Panthers and Giants, for instance), and while I was not there obviously for that process, it seemed odd that Bieniemy didn’t pull one. If he doesn’t get one after this season, maybe he should bolt for the XFL. I kid, of course, but it would be slightly entertaining.

  4. That’s probably a good move. I’ll be totally surprised if he doesn’t land a job next year with a half-decent team. He’s better off waiting for a chance to succeed than taking a job like the Bengals.

    I could see him landing the Falcons job which would be a good opportunity. I know, they already have a coach but he’s hanging on by a thread and another bad year and he’s out.

  5. Not happening. Why would he take an inferior job just to help out his alma mater? Especially when his alma mater blew him out of his offensive coordinator job after 2 seasons.

  6. electricboogalo says:
    February 19, 2020 at 10:31 am

    He is certainly setting himself up for well deserved career advancement. He’s had tremendous success.


    Has he, though? His time coaching at Colorado seems like it was nothing special. There were controversies in his history that seem to not get discussed in the rush of “why didn’t a black coach get promoted?” coverage. And in all I’ve read about his time at KC, I don’t see much that singles him out – it all seems to be the Reid and Mahomes show. He seems more like a functionary than a distinctive leader.

    Maybe I’m wrong. But when the analysis pivots into territory that’s completely uncritical and lacking evidence of specific roles in team success, I question it. If the specifics are there, why isn’t anyone talking about them?

    Pragmatically speaking, right now he’s in a perfect spot – all upside in appearances without being exposed as he would be as a head coach. Easy enough to struggle as an NFL coach and fall back into a college job, but harder to move back up if he takes a college job and fails.

    Bieniemy’s not unique in this – coaching in general seems pretty terrible these days, apart from a handful of exceptions.

  7. Good. As a life-long CU fan, Bieniemy will always be special but he is not the man to lead the Buffs. He will be an NFL HC next year but the jury is still out if he can lead a program himself. Now is not the time for CU to be hiring an unproved coach and recruiter to lead the program.

  8. As I said last week, Bieniemy is not taking the Colorado job. It would be a step back for his career and with how difficult it is to get a Head Coaching job in the NFL as a black coach, taking any college job would move him to the back of the NFL line. Not worth it, especially because the Colorado job isn’t even considered a great college job. My guess is he’ll be Detroit’s coach by this time next year.

  9. Too risky a move for him at this time. If he stays with the Chiefs and waits just a bit longer he’ll almost certainly get the shot to be a head coach in the NFL. But if he bombed at CU there’s little chance an NFL team would hire him after that. And let’s not forget just a few years back CU went 1-11 with him as OC so he KNOWS that winning there is not easy.

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