Teams interested in Cam Newton can give him a pre-March 18 physical

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Trades can’t be finalized before March 18. Which means that any team interested in trading for, say, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will have to choose between trading for Newton and signing one of the various available free agents before those available free agents sign with someone else.

The good news is that a team that wants to trade for Newton will be able to do some homework before making that decision. According to the NFL, a team interested in trading for a player can give the player a physical, with the permission of his current team.

That becomes a hugely critical fact as it relates to Newton, who has multiple body parts that a new team will want to poke and prod before putting together an offer the Panthers would accept — especially if Newton, who is due to make only $19.1 million this year, will want a new contract.

The stakes will be very high for Newton’s new team, especially if he wants a new contract. And it will be important that, sooner than later, the new team have its doctors assess Newton’s foot and shoulder and ankle and anything else about which they may have concern.

And if that’s going to happen, it needs to happen soon, because the planets already are beginning the loose process of aligning in advance of the making of formal offers on March 16, two days before the start of the league year.

15 responses to “Teams interested in Cam Newton can give him a pre-March 18 physical

  1. Is there a test to check his protein intake levels? Hard to believe power athletes can perform without any meat.

  2. Is it official that he will be available to a team willing to trade for him? I know most of us would be surprised if he remained in Carolina, but we aren’t the management team.

  3. Even if he gets a new contract from a new team, it will essentially be a one year prove it deal with the new team having the ability to get out next off season, without penalty. The Panthers will only get a 3rd round 2020 draft pick and/or potentially get conditional pick in 2021, depending on set milestones.

    My guess is that he does get traded and Carolina gets little compensation. They then go after one of the UFA veteran QBs, but end up having to draft a young QB in looking to the future.

    Newton will have the proverbial chip and I hope he does well. Best wishes to him.

  4. Cam is a running QB that acts like a prima donna WR… does a new franchise outside of LA push that onto its fan base?

  5. Hopefully Most if not ALL Gm’s are like: Nah we’re good but thanks anyway.

    Any dude that goes out of his way to dress like that and do his post game press conferences is saying loud and clear : “I got my money…if we dont win I really dont care…and more importantly does anyone know when Fashion Week is this year?”

  6. Cam has allocated 5 min for the docs to look him over and 3 hours for GMs to watch him walk the runway in various faux furs.

  7. Adam Schefter is reporting that Cam Newton, unlike Tom Brady, *wants* to travel to visit each team separately because it gives him a chance to show off new wardrobes.

  8. Cam is done, not accurate enough and can’t read defenses. Can’t stay healthy running. Teams would be better with younger cheaper QB

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