Footwork a focus as Browns work on getting Baker Mayfield back on track

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New Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt made a music analogy when describing the way he’ll coach quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Van Pelt said he wants Mayfield to think classical, not heavy metal, when he’s thinking about smoothly moving in the pocket.

“I want the feet to be like Mozart and not like Metallica,” Van Pelt said, via Nate Ulrich of the Beacon Journal. “With the footwork, it’s just a fluid motion. You’re really back there dancing through the pocket as you go through your progressions.”

Van Pelt said he and Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski are on the same page about Mayfield’s footwork.

“I have a belief and a philosophy of footwork, and it’s extremely important to me — Kevin as well,” Van Pelt said. “It all starts with the feet. The feet never lie. They get you through your progressions. So just some of the ways that we’ll have him drop both from under center and in the [shot]gun will change slightly to help him.”

After showing a lot of promise as a rookie in 2018, Mayfield regressed in 2019. Van Pelt hopes that Mayfield can become a maestro of proper footwork.

6 responses to “Footwork a focus as Browns work on getting Baker Mayfield back on track

  1. How many QBs that have bad mechanics (such as Cam Newton throwing off his back foot) are able to correct it?

    A few? Anyone good?

    Unless the QB regressed and had good mechanics a year or two ago, I don’t see how you “fix” bad technique without a huge amount of time and years of retraining.

  2. But, but – I thought Baker didn’t need coaching? He said so, so it must be true. His coaches have no idea what they’re talking about – LOL!!

  3. Good footwork won’t help you when you are running for your life almost Everytime you drop back to pass. Fix the offensive line first.

  4. “A few? Anyone good?”

    It’s increasingly common nowadays given how many QBs are hitting the league having never played in a pro style offense. When you take every snap in the shotgun and are throwing primarily short passes footwork isn’t all that important.

    As for guys who have dramatically improved after hitting the league, Matthew Stafford is one good example. His footwork and accuracy were quite poor his first few years and he made some major improvements to both. If you remember his first few years he was throwing a LOT of passes off his backfoot or with his body turned away from the intended receiver. He doesn’t do that all that often any more.

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