J.J. Watt is a “Hard no” on new CBA proposal

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The NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement proposal has a lot of stuff players might like.

It might not have the kind of support they might have expected.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt came out quickly and forcefully in opposition to the proposed deal.

Watt’s not a part of union leadership as a player rep for the Texans, but his voice is an influential one among players.

And as more of them digest what’s in this deal in advance of tomorrow’s NFLPA meeting, that kind of opposition could grow.

5 responses to “J.J. Watt is a “Hard no” on new CBA proposal

  1. The new CBA might not look good to already wealthy players like J.J. Watt but it seems like it’s pretty good for the fringe players with short careers that make up the majority of NFL players. It looks to me like the owners made a lot of concessions.

  2. What’s the HARD NO for JJ…you have to play a full season without Bo-Boos and miss half the season?

  3. This guy has been paid big time bucks to sit at home injured all the time and he’s complaining?

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