Kyler Murray has draft suggestion for Cardinals G.M.

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray could use some more help on offense, perhaps a big-play wide receiver to groom under Larry Fitzgerald for a year.

And he might just have a particular one in mind with the eighth overall pick.

Via the Arizona Republic, Murray has been talking up former Oklahoma teammate CeeDee Lamb to everyone, including General Manager Steve Keim.

“From my text stream, you can tell Kyler likes him,” Keim said during an interview with Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.

There’s good reason for that, as Lamb’s one of the top players in a deep class of receivers this year, and Keim compared him to Texans star DeAndre Hopkins.

“You watch CeeDee Lamb and there are some things that come to mind when I watch him that remind me a little bit of DeAndre Hopkins,” Keim said. “You talk about a guy that maybe isn’t the fastest vertically, but is gritty, tough and runs great routes.”

Murray has an obvious bias, having played with Lamb in college, but the idea makes sense even without that bond. Lamb caught 62 passes for 1,327 yards and 14 touchdowns last year at Oklahoma, and 65 passes for 1,158 yards and 11 touchdowns with Murray throwing it to him a year ago.

“Me and CeeDee have a great relationship,” Murray said. “That’s one of my boys. I would obviously be very fond of that pick. Obviously, I don’t make the choices. I’m here for whatever, but I’m looking forward to free agency and us adding some great players and adding more of them in the draft so we can continue to grow this thing.

“But yeah, if we pick CeeDee, that would be great. We have a very comfortable relationship. I’ve played with him, I’ve been with him for years, so yeah, I don’t think that would be a bad pick at all.”

And he doesn’t mind letting Keim know about it.

4 responses to “Kyler Murray has draft suggestion for Cardinals G.M.

  1. While Lamb would obviously be great that pick HAS to be either O-line or defense. Murray was the most sacked QB in the league and got banged up by the end of the year, give him an O-line and that offense might get going. Either do that or add someone like a pass rusher or a new CB since Peterson is getting up there and had a rough 2019.

  2. After one year in the NFL, Murray is obviously well qualified to be the GM.
    And HC.
    While remaining the QB.

    Actually, he was qualified when drafted.

  3. Murray is better qualified to make the pick than Steve Keim sheerly by virtue of not being Steve Keim.

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