NFL owners accept “terms on the principal elements” of current CBA proposal

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NFL owners flew into New York for a meeting about the current Collective Bargaining Agreement proposal on the table and they wound up voting on whether or not to accept it.

According to a release from the league, they have opted to accept the terms of the deal negotiated with the NFL Players Association. As they note in a statement, the agreement must also be accepted by the union in order for the agreement to go in place.

“The membership voted today to accept the negotiated terms on the principal elements of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement,” the statement said. “The Players Association would also need to vote to approve the same terms for there to be a new agreement.”

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the new CBA terms were not unanimously accepted. Owners also voted to move forward with the rules for the final year laid out in the 2011 CBA should the union not approve the terms. Among those rules is one allowing teams to use both a franchise tag and a transition tag this offseason.

Player reps from the league’s 32 teams will have a conference call on Friday. Those representatives will vote on whether or not to pass the proposed CBA onto the full body of players. Two-thirds of the player reps would have to be in favor, but the final vote would need a simple majority for approval.

5 responses to “NFL owners accept “terms on the principal elements” of current CBA proposal

  1. Easy Peasey Road to new contract is clear. Road to lockout in a year is apparently clear as well. Biggest take from today’s news is that the Owners already approved next season’s 2011 option, if CBA is not approved by NFLPA. The owners have really done a good job of putting the pressure on the NFLPA with that secondary vote.

  2. I always wondered if players could go on strike on week 15 or 16. I think that would put more pressure on owners, because players would have been receiving checks for 15 weeks. The players from teams not in the playoffs would only miss one or two checks, and the players from playoff teams would miss 6 checks maximum, most less than that.

    That is the only way I ever see that players could get a better bargaining stance. Is that even possible though?

  3. NFL keeps circling the drain. In about 20 years the league will have 44 teams, half of them will be based internationally, the regular season will be 24 games. All teams make the playoffs, all players will be transgenders or AI robots, and all coaches will be lesbians. And hitting will be banned.

  4. Everybody seems to be ignoring the fact that an increased number of games also requires an increased roster size, to about 56 players for a 17 game season, and about 60 players for an 18 game season.

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