Training camp changes under CBA proposal include fewer padded practices

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Changes are coming to the NFL under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement . . . if the players approve the deal. Some are major changes; some are minor changes.

One of the changes is tweaked rules for training camp, according to the CBA proposal fact sheet sent to all players and agents.

Training camp will include the introduction of a five-day acclimation period; a 2.5-hour limit on padded and full-speed practices; a limit to the amount of time at facility for the players during a given day; a limit of 16 days in pads with no more than three consecutive days for three out of the five weeks and no more than two consecutive days for two out of five weeks; a three-day weekend at the end of camp if 17 games is implemented; two days off in the first week and one day off every seven days thereafter; and a limit of four joint practices if there are three preseason games.

The proposed CBA also lists improvements to working conditions, with mandated improvements to visiting locker rooms; established standards for rehabilitation facilities, training rooms and equipment for each club; active squad addition by one offensive lineman; and development of improved safety metrics for fields.

6 responses to “Training camp changes under CBA proposal include fewer padded practices

  1. This is too bad. It makes the preseason games much more important for knocking rust off, rather than evaluating the depth of younger players.

    One Suggestion: Perhaps Teams should be allowed to carry more players (inactive) on the practice squad for several weeks into the season. Even 6 more would help to give the young fellows a chance to show in practice they should get a chance to remain.

  2. Are these things dictated by vets who already know the standard operational procedures of the NFL. I understand where they are coming from, but coaches need to have rookies and even veteran free agents (with cause) prove themselves ready for the NFL.

  3. Fewer padded practices? You might as well make it official these guys are going to be playing flag football sooner rather than later. Less hitting in camp means softer players come go time which leads to more soft tissue injuries. It’s all leading to a day when there will be no pads at all in practice, and no hitting that involves taking more than 2 steps on game day

  4. This is so stupid. The owners agree rather easily because they mostly are billionaires with little care for the stuff their management must go through to put a good product on the field. For them it is all about the benjamins. The players union is mostly represented by prima donas who dont really want or need that much padded practice. They have their benajamins and why go through the grind. They may justify it on the injury issue – ie it reduces training camp injuries – but I bet that the stats are not in their favour – and it might be better to have a better injury insurance plan for all of the players including those who do not make the roster. Good practices and good padded practices make for good teams – how can one learn how to tackle and to ward off tackles when not in pads?

  5. Most teams don’t know how to tackle now, so without padded practices how do they develop tackling techniques? This is getting ridiculous, less practice less tackling? Good football don’t start until like week 4 now, it takes them that long to get ready, so lets have 1 less preseason game and less football at practice?

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