Dez Bryant works out with Patrick Mahomes in Fort Worth

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Dez Bryant said two weeks ago he expected to work out with Patrick Mahomes this spring. It’s not officially spring yet, but Bryant and Mahomes are working out together.

Bryant caught passes from the Chiefs quarterback on Friday, with Bobby Belt from the NFL Network posting video of the two from the APEC training facility in Fort Worth.

Mahomes spends part of his offseason working out at APEC.

Bryant wants back in the NFL and continues to conduct interviews in his attempt to get noticed.

He has not played since 2017, and he tore an Achilles two days after signing with the Saints in 2018.

“I’m going to play ball,” Bryant said on The Boys and Girl podcast. “If it’s not for Dallas, Cowboys fans, hey, I want to play ball, so I’m going to see who opens the doors for me. I’m just trying to come in and do whatever they tell me to do. Be the best version I can, help in any type of way. If that’s me giving water to the quarterbacks, to the running backs, telling the other receivers certain things, I don’t mind. I just. . . I miss the game.”

19 responses to “Dez Bryant works out with Patrick Mahomes in Fort Worth

  1. He sounds serious. Great approach. Sometimes the internal burn is enough to get momentary greatness out of someone. AP is but one example. Can Dez be another? I’d hate to be the GM that hires him and fails, but I’d feel much worse to be that guy who didn’t bring him in for a look-see.

  2. Colts 1 year league minimum. With incentives. Could be as bad the players they had in there last year.

  3. He should have played in the XFL…if they were even interested. At this point the most he could expect is a non-guaranteed contract going into training camp. That way they can cut him without any consequences.

    I seem to remember that when Dallas cut him he went all scorched earth on them. Given his immature behavior on the sidelines and deteriorating talent on the field I have to believe he’s done.

  4. He should give the XFL a try, nothing to lose, that’s if they want him. If he does good there I’m sure someone will pick him up for cheap in the offseason.

  5. I think there’s a false impression of Dez that he’s a bad guy. He isn’t. He’s also a hard worker and at one time one of the most gifted physical receiver’s we’ve seen. The problem is he got old quick. He didn’t take care of his body and was never a good enough route runner to offset his physical deficiencies. I wish him well but I think it’s over

  6. He sucks, washed up, crappy attitude, unless my team signs him then he is supremely talented with Bart Starr like character and leadership skills

  7. redskinstexan says:
    February 21, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    You don’t miss your water until the well runs dry


    You don’t miss your good thing until it passes by

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