Report: Eric Bieniemy might not be out of Colorado mix

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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy withdrew his name from consideration for the University of Colorado job.

Unless he didn’t.

According to Mike Klis of KUSA (who reported Bieniemy was out last night), the door might not be completely closed.

“There might be change in plans. Stay tuned!” a source close to Bieniemy told Klis, who has now covered both possible eventualities.

The former Colorado running back didn’t get a head coaching job in the last cycle (at least in part because the Chiefs played as long as possible), and conventional wisdom would suggest he’d be an attractive candidate next year. Of course, the NFL isn’t exactly breaking barriers when it comes to minority hiring, so it’s far from a sure thing.

But perhaps his alma mater upped their offer, or perhaps he prefers the Buffalo in hand to the two that may or may not be in the NFL bush next offseason.

UPDATE 1:05 p.m. ET: Or, maybe Klis just got taken for a ride.

He just deleted the previous tweet and posted an update, saying: “I deleted tweet on Bieniemy “Stay Tuned!” after realizing I may have been contacted by someone pretending to be someone else. I apologize to all involved and who are following this story.”

3 responses to “Report: Eric Bieniemy might not be out of Colorado mix

  1. It kind of boggles the mind how easily it is to fool these supposed professionals who cover the NFL for a living. Logically, Bieniemy was always a longshot to take that job for several reasons so skepticism was always warranted: 1. If he wants to be an NFL head coach someday his current job is a much safer path than taking his chances at a losing college program. 2. If he DID take the job it would almost certainly require a VERY large contract and CU has never been into paying huge salaries nor are they really in a position to do so. Their last coach DOUBLED his salary by going to Michigan State. No way would CU be able to quickly put together a large deal for Bieniemy without word of it leaking as it would require too much work to make happen, assuming they could even do it.

  2. Bienemy is not even really a coordinator now. He is an assistant to Andy Reid who fully controls all of the offense. I think he could be a great recruiter for CU but doubt his head coaching ability. I don’t think anyone in the NFL would hire him. I don’t think he is cut out for it.

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