Jimmy Graham’s future with the Packers remains a question

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Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst said a month ago it was his understanding Jimmy Graham wants to continue to play. If that’s the case, do the Packers still want the tight end to play for them?

Graham is under contract with the Packers in 2020, scheduled to count $11.67 million against the salary cap in the final year of his three-year deal.

The Packers would save $8 million against the cap by releasing him.

Graham, 33, caught only 38 passes for 447 yards and three touchdowns in 16 games in 2019.

While some teams are making salary-cap friendly cuts, Gutekunst said the Packers may wait a while.

“After we get through free-agency meetings, after we get through draft meetings and then we get back from the combine, the picture starts to get a little clearer,” Gutekunst said when asked about Graham’s future with the team, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “And certainly with the CBA thing in flux, that’ll help, too. So I’m going to be patient there and get to the other side of the combine before we start making any decisions.”

Gutekunst spoke highly of 2019 third-round draft pick Jace Sternberger, who missed most of his rookie season with injuries.

11 responses to “Jimmy Graham’s future with the Packers remains a question

  1. Jimmy Graham’s numbers have always been fine, albeit underwhelming for the contract he signed.
    The issue is the fact he’s never become the red zone threat they envisioned.
    It’s very doubtful they will continue to compound this mistake into a 3rd season, but it’s prudent to keep their options open.

    Another positive about being in excellent salary cap shape.
    In the end I fully expect them to cut ties with Graham, unless they can come to terms on a paycut. Doubtful.
    Lane Taylor too, to allocate those funds elsewhere.
    Kenny Clark, anybody?

  2. He was very effective when at the Saints. He was good for the Seahawks, but truly was overpaid based on results. It may not be his fault in total as the expectations were far overinflated and the Seahawks’ Run First approach hurt his individual stat line. Still; he was very much overpaid in Green Bay and it’s obvious he is at the end of a great career. Cutting him seems to be warranted. He can then go back to New Orleans on vet minimum to finish his career with a swan song season. His numbers will continue to go down, but he was a good one!! Best wishes to him.

  3. Jimmy is a glue horse. He has rockss in his cleats now and granite for hands. His best move is to start a float plane business.

  4. The Packers are no worse off at this position than the Vikings are with Rudolph. Statistical production was identical and the money isn’t that big of a difference when you take the restructured guaranteed money into account for Rudolph. If the Packers are in a bind with this guy, so are the Vikings with Rudolph.


  5. No one brought up Rudolph, get over your MN obsession, it’s okay to admit Jimmy Graham is a bust for being the highest paid TE.

  6. How is this story about the Vikings and rudolph?
    Anyhoo remember when Packer fans thought this was a great signing 2 years ago?

  7. RMoss84HOF says:
    February 22, 2020 at 2:38 pm
    No one brought up Rudolph, get over your MN obsession, it’s okay to admit Jimmy Graham is a bust for being the highest paid TE

    I thought he represented a very good value comparison to Graham, and guess what…….he does.

  8. Rudolph and Graham ended the season ranked 19 and 20. You’re right, Rudolph really separated himself from Graham…….by the width of a hair. Graham had one fewer reception and 80 more yards than Rudolph.

    Understand…I’m not bragging about Graham. I’m schooling you on how similar in nearly every way including compensation he is with Rudolph.

    That’s why NFL stats are so much fun!

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