St. Louis expects 28,000 for BattleHawks home opener

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Pro football is back in St. Louis. And St. Louis is supporting it, zealously.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the XFL’s BattleHawks expect to have 28,000 for Sunday’s home opener against the New York Guardians, filling the lower bowl at the Dome at America’s Center (formerly the Edward Jones Dome), where the Rams once played. Tickets aren’t being sold for the upper deck.

The BattleHawks also have drawn bigger local TV ratings than the NHL’s St. Louis Blues, which won the Stanley Cup a year ago. Per the Post-Dispatch, in XFL’s Week One 7.4 percent of the local TVs tune in to the BattleHawks’ game on a Sunday afternoon. The prior evening, the Blues drew only 4.8 percent.

In Week Two, the BattleHawks generated a 5.3 local rating; the Blues pulled a 3.6 in comparison for games that were played at the same time, 6:00 p.m. ET on Sunday.

This is all very good news for the XFL, which placed seven of its eight initial franchises in cities that have NFL teams. St. Louis is the only non-NFL XFL city, but its status as a spurned NFL city could be helping the XFL cause — and it could lead to the upper deck of the Dome eventually being opened.

6 responses to “St. Louis expects 28,000 for BattleHawks home opener

  1. I’m happy for St. Louis, they deserve a pro team. Kroenke did them dirty, not only do I hope that the XFL hangs around for a long time but that the Battlehawks attendance one day for surpasses the Rams in LA.

  2. St Louis has failed at having an NFL team twice. Their fans are more interested in boring baseball than football.

    And that’s fine, like what you like, but I always felt bad for the Rams teams that were there. They won a SB and couldn’t get a sell out crowd, then they’d lose and there wouldn’t be 20,000 fans there.

  3. The Colts had been gone for ten years and everyone had written Baltimore off as an NFL city. Then the Stallions moved there, and the team averaged 37,347 a game in 1994, which was the best average attendance in the CFL that year. You think that didn’t encourage Modell that Baltimore could support an NFL team? Two years later he was there.

  4. Good for St Louis.
    If these games stay around three hours that will help spur more fans.

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