Tua Tagovailoa’s surgeon doesn’t think he’s injury prone

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When Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa gets to Indianapolis next week for the Scouting Combine, his surgically repaired right hip will get plenty of attention.

But he also had to have a pair of ankle surgeries while in college, and the doctor who performed them disputed the notion than Tagovailoa might be injury prone.

I understand where it comes from,” Dr. Norman Waldrop told Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “But he’s had some pretty significant injuries that don’t have anything more to do with him than the particular nature of the plays that occurred. While I certainly get everyone’s worries from the medical side, I have zero concerns because of his willingness to work.

“He’s passed every test with bells and whistles.”

Waldrop performed the two “tightrope” procedures to repair a pair of high ankle sprains, as Tagovailoa only missed one game because of the injuries. The procedure involves tying together a pair of metal brackets with a synthetic cord, which stabilizes the tibia and fibula.

Waldrop didn’t work on Tagovailoa’s hip, but he spoke to him recently and said he was recovering well.

“He’s doing great,” Waldrop said. “I have no reason to think that he’s not going to have anything but an exceptional recovery [from his hip injury]. I think Tua is an exceptional person first, an exceptionally hard worker second. Football ability is only a part of what makes him a transcendent athlete and I’m pretty excited to see how that translates to the NFL. He can throw a football through a thimble. He’s more than just an incredible quarterback. He’s a great person.

“He’s never let any of his injuries set him back. I don’t have any reason to think that he will have any setbacks going forward.”

Of course, most doctors wouldn’t cast doubt on their own handiwork, or any of their own patients. But the extreme battery of tests the Alabama quarterback is about to endure will offer a deeper look at his status.

15 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa’s surgeon doesn’t think he’s injury prone

  1. Can you imagine if he came out and said he possibly was?? Only AB could pull something like this off by not paying a medical bill then the doctor bad mouthing him after-

  2. Calling him Tua’s surgeon is a stretch here. He WAS his surgeon for some much more minor earlier injuries but he has zero connection to the recent hip injury. He has no insight on either the procedure or the recovery. We might as well get his mailman’s take on things.

  3. People including myself, thought he would fall to the mid/late first round. Now I am thinking Dolphins at 5 or possibly Dolphins at 2.

  4. Look, Tua has all of the measurables (except prototypical height), he’s intelligent with a very high football IQ. He’s probably going to go to Miami at 5 unless someone trades up. My only concern is this – who was the last great (or at least one with some measure of success) NFL QB that came out of Alabama? The answer – Ken Stabler. That’s how long it has been for Alabama to produce a quality NFL quarterback. I hope Tua succeeds, I really do. I just question QBs that come out of a Nick Saban system.

  5. Miami is the perfect landing spot for Tua he does not have to play this year and can sit behind two qbs Fitzpatrick and Rosen.

  6. Have to point out that “injury prone” and “willing to work” really are two different things.

  7. So… this dude is some expert on determining who is and who is not injury prone?
    Because he a surgeon?

    Child, get outta here with that foolishness.

  8. Wow, I’ve never heard a surgeon sound so amateurish. Non-Doctorish? Is that a word? He sounds more like the kid’s agent. The Dr.’s bias is just way too obvious to take anything he says seriously. I would have to look elsewhere for a valid medical opinion. I’ve never questioned any character issues with Tua, and I don’t think anyone else has either. Never questioned his football abilities either. Has anybody? Geez, what’s this guy trying to cover up? In fact, I’d probably take a closer look at the hip now, than I would have before reading this.

  9. If it wasn’t for his injuries he wouldn’t be injury prone. Seriously though it has to be a factor, defenses will be trying to plant him. How many games per year is he good for? He has had some weird injuries so does that make it better or worse? What’s his next weird injury?

  10. Tua’s value to a team is not much different from his predcessor, Hurts. It’s not as a QB. The draft will make him rich, playing QB will not make him a star. Tua simply throws an ugly ball. I can’t believe anyone who thinks otherwise (and will thumbs down this reality). His value to a team is really at another position. Miami gave up 58 sacks last year.

  11. If you dislocate and fracture your hip without even being hit what else would it be called?

    What ever it is I know I woudn’t touch him unless he was still available in the 3rd!

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