Vote from NFLPA player representatives is expected today

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Pretty much everything about the NFL’s labor negotiations is subject to change. For now, and with the acknowledgement that pretty much everything about the NFL’s labor negotiations is subject to change, it’s expected that the NFL Players Association’s board of player representatives will indeed vote today via conference call on the pending CBA proposal from the league.

The rules require 22 of the 32 representatives to vote in favor of the proposal. The CBA would then move to the full rank and file, for an up-or-down, simple-majority vote.

It’s believed that the proposal would easily be accepted by the full union membership. It’s also believed that the board of player representatives will be a tougher sell, especially since a two-thirds supermajority is required.

Ultimately, then, whether the CBA gets done will come down to Corey Peters (Cardinals), Josh Harris (Falcons), Ronnie Stanley (Ravens), Patrick DiMarco (Bills), Greg Van Roten (Panthers), Chase Daniel (Bears), Geno Atkins (Bengals), Jarvis Landry (Browns), Byron Jones (Cowboys), Brandon McManus (Broncos), Devon Kennard (Lions), Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Brennan Scarlett (Texans), Clayton Geathers (Colts), Calais Campbell (Jaguars), Dustin Colquitt (Chiefs), Mike Pouncey (Chargers), Todd Gurley (Rams), Christian Wilkins (Dolphins), Adam Thielen (Vikings), Matthew Slater (Patriots), Craig Robertson (Saints), Nate Solder (Giants), Quincy Enunwa (Jets), Rodney Hudson (Raiders), Malcolm Jenkins (Eagles), Ramon Foster (Steelers), Richard Sherman (49ers), K.J. Wright (Seahawks), Ali Marpet (Buccaneers), Wesley Woodward (Titans), Nick Sundberg (Washington).

If only 11 of the player representatives vote note, the proposal gets rejected.

7 responses to “Vote from NFLPA player representatives is expected today

  1. The Owners have this pretty much in the bag right now so I don’t expect the players to utilize the power they actually possess here, because like I’ve said in other posts the players lack the leadership necessary to take a hard stand and really get their fair share of the billions of dollars that are generated from the NFL. The players need a real leader not this puppet known as D.Smith, and they need to hold out for however long it takes to get the best deal. D.Smith negotiated a horrible deal the last time he sat across from the owners, so what made the players think he’d do a better job this time. The owners are licking their chops at this measly pay raise that’s being proposed, and the 3 extra roster spots that are being offered. That’s NOTHING when the overall number is in the billions, but these players are so afraid of losing that next check that they’re willing to do anything to guarantee there won’t be a work stoppage. Now get ready because all we’re going to hear about once they take this pending bad deal is just how bad it really is, and how the owners are sticking it to them again. They didn’t learn a thing from the last CBA negotiations when almost immediately after it was signed they started complaining about the fine print. Then they voted to keep D.Smith around to negotiate for them again. Well here we go again fans get ready the complaining is about to begin

  2. I don’t see how the players can reject it. In exchange for the 17th game, the players got significantly more money and a boatload of concessions. There’s more roster spots, a higher minimum salary, lower fines, a more player-friendly discipline policy, etc. It seems like a big win for the players, most of whom don’t sign giant contracts and only stay in the league a few years.

  3. I’m assuming they will want to hear all the facts before deciding to vote yes or no. None of them can have all the facts and I’m sure they all have open minds because they are representing their teams…. lol

  4. They should approve it and put it to all the players to decide. Know why they won’t? Because the lower-earning majority would approve it.

  5. If they want the 17th game, they shouldn’t be capping player’s comp for that game — that should be the deal-killer for the players and a concession the owners should gladly and reasonably make.

  6. It amuses me that so many think increasing roster sizes is a player benefit. All that means is the salary cap pie gets two more slices taken out of it.

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