Johnny Manziel tweets XFL interest, then deletes his account

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A year ago, Johnny Manziel signed with the Alliance of American Football after its season had already started. He may want to do the same this year in the XFL.

Manziel wrote on Twitter the if XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck wants him, Manziel will play.

“Oliver Luck,” Manziel wrote. “If ya wanna boost your ratings to another level just send me the contract tomorrow and we’re in there. Like I said YEARS ago… XFL2020 give the people what they want.”

A few hours after tweeting that, however, Manziel deleted his account. So Manziel’s true motives are anyone’s guess. But it remains true that the XFL and Manziel would both benefit from Manziel playing in the league.

The XFL, so far, hasn’t shown much interest in Manziel. But it’s easy to see that changing if the XFL’s TV viewership declines as much in the league’s third weekend as they did in the league’s second weekend. Manziel would instantly become the XFL’s most famous player, and the XFL needs famous players.

The XFL season continues this weekend with the Houston Roughnecks taking on the Tampa Bay Vipers and the Dallas Renegades taking on the Settle Dragons today, and the New York Guardians taking on the St. Louis BattleHawks and the DC Defenders taking on the LA Wildcats tomorrow. Most football fans don’t know anything about any of those teams, and although the curiosity factor drove solid ratings in the XFL’s first weekend, in the long run the league is going to need a player fans tune in to see. Manziel could be that player.

55 responses to “Johnny Manziel tweets XFL interest, then deletes his account

  1. If Manziel was serious and/or sober, and wanted to get a message to Oliver Luck, he’d call him. He wouldn’t send out a tweet. If the XFL needs Manziel to save the day, they might as well pack their bags right now. I think it’s way to early to be thinking about pressing the panic button. I love football and I’ve always been a huge fan of these new leagues. The WFL, USFL, etc., but I can’t watch this XFL stuff. All the mic’d up gimmick stuff and split screens showing coaches and the replay officials is just not football. I’d rather watch football. This is more like a three ring circus. No thanks.

  2. Johnny might be the only thing that could actually get me to watch the XFL…
    just kidding!
    nothing could actually get me to watch the XFL
    and the way things are going the NFL might have some trouble too…

  3. The XFL doesn’t need Manziel to save the day. But he is a known player with some skills, and the league could use more known players and at the QB position. Publicity is good publicity. He would not save the league. He may not even be any good now. But he and the league should talk to see if something can be worked out. Can’t hurt. The league is doing a good job all things considered, they need more scoring however, and better QB play.

  4. charliecharger says:
    February 22, 2020 at 7:53 am

    ….but I can’t watch this XFL stuff. All the mic’d up gimmick stuff and split screens showing coaches and the replay officials is just not football. I’d rather watch football. This is more like a three ring circus. No thanks.
    Then dont watch…there are plenty more of us REAL football fans that ARE watching and will continue to watch…and it is only a matter of time before some well known named players enter the fold….

  5. “All the mic’d up gimmick stuff and split screens showing coaches and the replay officials is just not football”.

    Of course those things are part of football. You are getting unprecedented access to the behind the scenes working of the game. In addition, the on field interviews are providing real time information as to how the game is developing. Most information is a good thing.

  6. I look forward to the day I never have to hear this jerk’s name again.
    Truthfully, that day should have happened several years ago at this point.

  7. I watched Johnny at A&M. At Cleveland, both Canadian teams,and would watch him in the XFL. Johnny Football: A true old school outlaw.

  8. I knew a little about Johnny Manziel’s career before he came to the CFL (Canadian Football League): Mostly that he was a Heisman winning, underperformant cloud of toxicity when he played for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. I really didn’t expect him to flourish in the CFL, and in the end he was a giant bust on- and off- the field. His last CFL team, the Montréal Alouettes, nearly did a 180 degree turnaround after he was cut! The CFL became the second major sports league to consider Manziel persona non grata. Both NFL and CFL are currently of higher calibre play and much more established than the XFL is today (the XFL is a brand-new league, of course). If Johnny Manziel squandered his NFL opportunity and scuttled another in the CFL, what makes this clown think he’ll do any better in the XFL? Johnny “Football” clearly hadn’t developed technically to the point where he could start games at the NFL or CFL level, but the biggest obstacle to his success has been himself. So, unless he’s resolved his many ‘issues,’ I can’t see him being a benefit to any team, anywhere. It’s true he’d likely spike the XFL’s TV ratings for a short while, and might even be the XFL’s best quarterback until the league itself starts to improve and his status becomes diminished. The last real chance to prove he could play at a high level was in 2018. Everythng after that has been nothing but chasing former glory. If the XFL wants to grow, they’d best consider the baggage he brings with him, and that’ll be enough to put any team in the basement even if he proves himself a competent starter in a nascent league.

  9. Didn’t even realize he was still around but not interested enough in him to wonder why.
    I’ve turned the page; he should, too.

  10. Would it help to have some of the formerly overhyped NFL players who couldn’t make it in the NFL? I guess; Sure.

    My assessment of the players in the XFL overall is favorable. I see why these athletes are mostly former fringe NFL players. The drops, overthrows and other missed plays are evidence of the fine line between making it or not. If I’m a baller that wants exposure and another chance to demonstrate I’m good enough to help a future NFL team, I’m there. If I love the game of football, I’m there. If I’m Johnny, I’m there……….Who and/or Where is his agent?

  11. You want to know exactly when you could tell his career was over? Watch the video of when he was drafted. He puts the Cleveland hat on and walks out on the stage rubbing his fingers in thew air in a “show me the money” kinda motion. All you needed to know about his mentality towards his future right there.

  12. When is Johnny going to realize he’s irrelevant? He’s good to join the XFL but that doesn’t mean long sustained growth in ratings. What the XFL needs are a few games where people start talking about “did you see that” moments. People want to watch what people are talking about and nobody has a reason to talk about the XFL yet and I don’t see him changing that.

  13. We all want what’s best for Johnny! Can agree what’s best is a year in a secure rehab facility?

  14. League won’t make it to the second season like the first incarnation couldn’t,
    Which is unfortunate.

  15. Johnny made $7.7m CASH in 3 years with the Browns. If he is a big a train wreck with his finances as he is personally he’s probably pretty close to broke. He’s got to take his clown show somewhere…

  16. XFL is trying to gain credibility as a serious sports league. Last thing they need is a drug-addicted no-talent “look at me” air head as part of their image.

  17. It’s likely Dandy Don Meredith,Joe Namath, and many others would have been booted from today’s NFL

  18. I find it funny that people think Joe Burrow should pull a power move and force the bengals to not take him. But when Cleveland had the 1st pick a couple years ago I didn’t hear any noise about “Baker should pull a power move” even tho Cleveland is without a doubt one of the most crappiest franchises in NFL history, and have ruined more QB’s then any other franchise the last 20 years, lol.

  19. I really want this league to succeed. It’s just hard to care as much when you don’t have a home team. I have the games on but i’m not watching, mostly because I work a lot of overtime. But there it is. I wonder how the ratings are in the 8 cities that have teams? I would watch with as much interest as the NFL if there was a Minnesota team.

  20. The XFL just needs to get off the ground. It’s a good quality product that just needs to survive long enough to be successful and then start making improvements.

  21. It would be a win-win for everyone.
    The XFL would get higher ratings and Johnny would get the ego boost he’s looking for.
    Plus, there’s always a fair amount of people who like to watch train wrecks.

  22. Johnny needs to get his act together, he could have been a big name in the league but he’s a mess.

  23. Johnny Manziel tweets XFL interest, then deletes his account


    It’s a metaphor for his tenure in the NFL.

  24. “X” marks the spot for Manziel.
    Would Johnny find treasure?… Or would it be Al Capone’s vaults all over again?

  25. mrthirtytwo says:
    February 22, 2020 at 4:51 pm
    Johnny needs to get his act together, he could have been a big name in the league but he’s a mess
    Even if he had his act together, his performance on the field in multiple leagues speaks for itself.

  26. The XFL doesn’t need Johnny Goofball in their league. Apparently he’s spent whatever money he has left or he’s unsober.

  27. Both Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon have stated publicly several times if you have a criminal record, you won’t play in the XFL. Even a DUI. Manziel would definitely help ratings, you wonder if they wouldn’t find a way to bend that rule to allow him to play. But McMahon replied specifically when asked about Manziel, re-stating his rule, but Tim Tebow was certainly welcome to play. (I’d like to see Tebow in the XFL, he’d be ratings gold too)
    We’ll see how it goes. If the XFL survives the season, and builds some credibility I think it will attract more NFL players who are tired of sitting on the bench and just want to play next year.

  28. im a diehard eagles fan that loves the nfl. i gotta say though some of you seem like nfl snobs. i mean xfl football is better than no football imvho. i cant see for the life of me why yall continue to bash it. you dont like it thats your opinion but why post negative comments on a xfl stories comment board. do u believe someones gonna say oh joe blow hates it…so will i. to each his own so let us enjoy it….go htown

  29. “but I can’t watch this XFL stuff. All the mic’d up gimmick stuff and split screens showing coaches and the replay officials is just not football. I’d rather watch football. This is more like a three ring circus. No thanks.”

    The XFL 1.0 was indeed gimmicked up. But I don’t see XFL 2.0 in that way. They conducted fan surveys, monitored social media opinions, etc. with the intention of giving the fans more of what they want. Closer access to the game was one of them so that’s what they’re trying to do. The NFL has replay/reviews too, they give you an exciting view of a ref with his head stuck under a hood. Riveting entertainment indeed. Personally I like the XFL product so far, it’s well produced, the games are interesting to watch if you’re a football fan. I like the rule changes to kickoffs, punts, PAT’s, etc. It’s been cold and snowy here lately and I’m glad to have some football to watch, an excuse to drink good beer and eat tasty game-day food.

  30. Another case of a over-hyped under performing prima donna college player who couldn’t cut it in the NFL. Once he adopted the moniker Johnny ‘Football’ it was obvious his ego was going to give him the remotest of chances of making it in the NFL. I.E. he didn’t come to the NFL, he expected the NFL to come to him.
    Good thing his family is successful, if it wasn’t he was in for a tough time in the real world.

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