Another game, another huge performance for P.J. Walker

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One game at a time, XFL quarterback P.J. Walker is carving a path out of the XFL.

The Houston Roughnecks starter threw for 306 yards and three touchdowns in Saturday’s closer-than-expected 34-27 win over the Tampa Bay Vipers. He added 34 yards rushing and a touchdown on the ground to a passing performance that generated a rating of 120.8.

Receiver Cam Phillips also may be playing his way out of spring football. He had eight catches on 10 targets for 194 yards and three touchdowns. He has seven touchdowns in only three games.

For the season, Walker has 748 passing yards, a 64-percent completion rate, 7.1 yards per attempt, 10 touchdown passes, one interception, and a rating of 112.7.

Walker spent three offseasons and preseasons with the Colts, but he has yet to land on a 53-man roster. Once the XFL season ends, he’ll undoubtedly get another crack at surviving the eventual cuts from 90.

Unless, of course, the XFL makes him the kind of financial offer that will get him to commit to staying with the Roughnecks. Although the XFL doesn’t seem to be willing to pay for players who already have name recognition, the XFL should think carefully about whether it makes sense to pay for players who develop that name recognition in the XFL.

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  1. If Vince McMahon wants to keep his XFL going he will need to pay his players that are performing at this level as well as trying to sign some players that already have name recognition. I hope he does because I am loving XFL winter/spring football!!

  2. Sadly it seems like that will be the norm for the XFL for a while (at least if they last for a decade), they just don’t have the revenue yet to pay players anywhere near the amount of money NFL players get. Wouldn’t shock me whatsoever to see guys like P.J. Walker, Cam Phillips, and Cardale Jones (among others) jump straight back into the NFL after this season wraps up with how well they’ve played.

  3. Overpaying players in a new league? That’s one opinion, but not the correct one. XFl can’t afford to out spend itself.

    When they get a paying TV deal that’s a different story.

    Walker is like the Russell Wilson of the XFL, Cam Phillips is like a sane AB. Both looking great

    Look out for Cardale and Josh Johnson in LA later today for a possible QB contest.

  4. So far, PJ Walker and Cardale Jones have been the only XFL QBs who look like they belong in the NFL. But PJ Walker REALLY looks like he belongs, not just as a backup but a starter. If the Panthers trade or release Cam Newton, that seems like the best landing spot considering the head coach was Walker’s head coach in college.

  5. PJ has played very well and fun to watch. Great to see these throwback coaches like June Jones, Jerry Glanville and Jim Zorn out there having fun again…

  6. The Texans should at least look at Walker as a backup for Watson, they both have that Houdini DNA in them. McCarron ever has to go in for Watson and it could get real ugly real fast.

  7. rodgerstonelson says:
    February 23, 2020 at 2:43 pm
    Walker is a 3rd string Qb in the NFl. He is playing against practice squad players.

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    Games between 3rd stringers are ALWAYS back and forth contests, never blowouts. Walker is blowing out everyone he’s facing thus far and is showing every positive trait you look for from a NFL quality QB: Arm strength, accuracy, good decision making, pocket presence, and he has added bonus of being a great athlete. If he wasn’t stigmatized for being 5’11 he’d never have been let go, and at the rate he’s going he’s not only playing himself back into the NFL but once there will be given a legit shot at being a starter.

  8. I always find it funny when people say he’s playing against scrubs, not NFL talent. Well sure, but then he also has scrub teammates as well so it all evens out. I’d love to see PJ get a real chance in the NFL. You get better at your craft by participating in it, not playing make pretend going half speed on an NFL scout team. Good luck PJ and loving this XFL

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