Nearly 30,000 welcome pro football back to St. Louis

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Take that, Stan Kroenke.

St. Louis welcomed pro football back to town with nearly 30,000 fans at the venue where Kroenke’s Rams last played in December 2015.

The lower bowl of the Dome at America’s Center was full, and the crowd was zealous and loud during the BattleHawks 29-9 blowout win over the New York Guardians.

The win featured the first kickoff return for a touchdown in XFL history, along with the second double pass — a jet sweep flip to a receiver in motion followed by a throw to the end zone for a two-point conversion.

Both the BattleHawks and the Seattle Dragons have drawn more than 29,000 for their home openers. The St. Louis crowd, at 29,554, was slightly larger than Seattle’s 29,172.

The Dragons saw their attendance drop by nearly 25 percent from this first home game to their second. The BattleHawks get a chance to avoid that fate next weekend, when (coincidentally) the Dragons visit St. Louis.

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  1. Edward Halverson says:
    February 23, 2020 at 8:01 pm
    Wait until baseball starts.

    Might be 5 thousand at most.

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    Think you’re REALLY underestimating just how much more popular football is in the USA in comparison to every other pro sport.

  2. To all the naysayers out there, the XFL is the new kid on the block. When you get 20k+ fans attending at a number of the games, there is room for optimism. 29k+ for this game should be considered extremely good. Is it NFL quality? Of course not. But then again, was that expected? It is only the 3rd weekend. It takes time. I hope it does well so I can see you eat humble pie.

  3. St. Louis fans are desperate to show that they deserve another NFL team. Right now the XFL is a novelty & the tickets are cheap.
    No current NFL team is going to move to St. Louis. The only reason the Rams moved there was because that stadium was brand new. The reason the Rams left was because that stadium got old fast and wasn’t making them any money.
    St. Louis isn’t even getting the attention of the Jaguars, who are about to leave the country for more money.
    Enjoy the XFL, St. Louis. This is as good as it’s going to get for you.

  4. I don’t mean this as sarcasm or to be a smart aleck.
    I ask out of genuine curiosity.
    Are those numbers any good?
    Are we supposed to be impressed?

  5. The classiest part was when that BattleHawk traded a football for a box of thin mints to that young lil girl.

  6. The story isn’t the XFL, but that Kroenke is a major tool and he lied throughout the relocation process to LA. Squirrel Head, aka Silent Stan, is the lowest of the low in fans eyes in St. Louis. He is a county bumpkin who can only run a sports franchise into the ground. Too much inherited money and an unethical makeup get Kroenke an over priced stadium which won’t be able to support two NFL teams in LA.

  7. I have no idea why people are dumping all over the xfl. Its football and it helps pass the time between the superbowl and draft

  8. If the XFL is thinking long-term, they should work on getting the young interested in the games. The MLS did, I believe will does, promote fan clubs where kids can meet the players and go on the field after games. It’ll increase revenue and short term interest while helping to build a sustainable fan base long term.

  9. A lot of Debbie Downers here today. I say keep up the attendance St. Louis! When, not if, the NFL looks to move or add a team, this will be taken into consideration….guaranteed!

  10. “Are those numbers any good?
    Are we supposed to be impressed?”

    Yes they are good. If you can draw 20k+ fans to any type of event there’s a lot of money to be made and you’re successful. A lot of NBA, NHL and MLB games don’t do more than 20-30k fans. Concert tours all over the world do well if they can draw 20k+ fans.

    So yes, its an impressive start to the XFL. Play is starting to get better in many cases as the players get used to the systems and know more what they’re supposed to do. This is a good product so far with some fun games and big plays.

    Not sure why so many people would hope for the XFL to fail. The NFL desperately need a developmental league. There were quite a number of good NFL players that came out of NFL Europe when it still existed, most of whom never would have made it in the NFL without the further development the NFLE offered. The XFL is a good thing for football fans.

  11. The XFL is a horrible product full of practice squad players and guys off the street and the ratings have declined every week I couldn’t get through a quarter in week one. The Arena League (now folded) was more exciting and had better players as does the CFL. The only thing this league is good for is degenerate gamblers. With the NBA back from the All Star Break and the MLB fast approaching, nobody but the gamblers will be watching this league. The only reason it will survive to a 2nd season in because the McMahon’s dumped so much money into it. By the end of 2021, this will be yet another failed experiment.

    Oh, and the NFL already has a developmental league. It’s called COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

  12. thebeeper says:
    February 24, 2020 at 6:26 am
    The ONLY city to lose an NFL franchise TWICE
    Well, no, that is not true. LA lost 2 NFL Franchises, the Rams and the Raiders. And you could say the same for Oakland, as they have lost the same franchise twice.

  13. Having gone to the game yesterday and walking around the streets of St Louis pre game. I can see the city supporting this team for awhile. I don’t see attendance going down. It was electric inside the Dome. KA-KAW!

  14. As a football fan who watches college football as well as the XFL I get the notion that most of the naysayers here are people who watch only the NFL and no college ball at all. All I have to say to you is…You dont know what you are missing!! College football can be very exciting and I am finding the same with the XFL. Try it sometime. You might find that you actually like all 3….and become REAL FOOTBALL FANS…

  15. thebeeper says:
    February 24, 2020 at 6:26 am
    The ONLY city to lose an NFL franchise TWICE

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    Not only is this incorrect but the Rams are usually the moving franchise in every case.

    Rams started in Cleveland, Then moved to L.A. then St. Louis, then back to L.A.

    In other words Cleveland and L.A. have also lost two franchises and are currently on their third franchise. (L.A. with Rams, Raiders and Chargers & Cleveland with the Rams, original Browns and expansion Browns (as original Browns are now modern Baltimore Ravens))

  16. Let’s be honest: St. Louis should be given the Jags or Bucs. Those are two awful sports towns that have no right having an NFL franchise.

  17. Kroenke is one of the 50 wealthiest people in the US according to the latest Forbes survey. He owns one NFL franchise, and collects rent from another one.

    His megaplex stadium property in LA will probably lure an NFL Films location and the League offices would consider the property for a west coach branch office. That will be on top of the revenue stream that flows from the commercial and residential space he has adjacent to the stadium.

    Take that, Stan Kroenke? I’d say he is already taking that. Cheerfully and profitably.

  18. Silent Stan is wealthy. But it all started when he married into the Walton Family and was given the keys to purchasing real estate for Walmart locations. But before that he was a
    country bumpkin operating a small apparel store in Columbia, MO. Yes, he owns the LA Rams,
    Arsenal PFL, Nuggets NBA, Avalanche NHL, and the Pepsi Center. However, ask what fans of those franchises think of him? His mega stadium will come in around 6 billion in LA. Almost 4 billion more than anticipated. With two poor NFL fan bases how long will it take for Enos to make that money back? More importantly, wealthy with no ethics or concern is really pathetically poor.

  19. Let’s say the Rams never left STL for LA their former home of 49 years. Would the turn out be this strong for the XFL? It seems STL fans are only going to stick it to Stan and the NFL. So this is really a false narrative. STL tried to strong arm Bidwell in 1986/87 and called his bluff, he moved to AZ. They ended up still building the dome that was designed in 1987 but completed in 1995, so it was slightly obsolete as it opened. In 1993 they had a chance to get an expansion team and Stan was on board but political fighting and a poor plan made it so Jacksonville beat them out…Jacksonville. So in 1994 they went after the Browns only to be beat out by Baltimore in the end. Orange County was going to build a satdium for the rams but went bankrupt. STL Louis came by and offered the new but slightly obsolete dome. The deal to get the rams to leave LA was so one sided, STL screwed themselves. STL support for the rams was decent but that dome was a dark dungeon. they offered to help build an open air stadium. Problem is in todays NFL, stadiums are closed so they can host a myriad of events. An open air stadium is way cheaper but does not bring in big money. On top of it STL has lost a lot of big businesses, it’s not 1920 and a energetic and economic STL that it once was. moving the Rams to LA made business sense, attendance in a 100k seat stadium was good. Now the Chargers coming to LA was a mistake, thats a different story.

  20. thebeeper says:
    February 24, 2020 at 6:26 am
    The ONLY city to lose an NFL franchise TWICE

    Uh … off the top of my head, Los Angeles lost the Rams once and the Raiders once … and the Chargers if you count the original AFL.

  21. unclebluck says:
    February 24, 2020 at 9:47 am
    As a football fan who watches college football as well as the XFL I get the notion that most of the naysayers here are people who watch only the NFL and no college ball at all. All I have to say to you is…You dont know what you are missing!!

    Maybe, but I know what I would be missing. A life.

  22. Fact: St. Louis has lost more pro sports franchises than any other city. It’s just not a good sports town.

  23. DC really took a step back but it seems the other teams are really getting better, except for NY with McGloin, yeesh, he’s bad.

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