Seattle Dragons see attendance drop for second home game

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The Seattle Dragons still had more than 20,000 fans at Saturday’s loss to the Dallas Renegades. But the total number was considerably lower than the Week Two home opener.

Via the Seattle Times, 22,060 showed up at CenturyLink Field for the Week Three game, down significantly from 29,172 in Week Two. That’s a 24.3-percent decline.

In Raymond James Stadium, the Vipers had 18,117 for their home opener, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The crowd looked sparse, however, in an NFL stadium — especially since the XFL teams don’t yet sell upper-deck tickets.

The BattleHawks are expecting a lower-bowl sellout crowd of 28,000 for the first pro football game to be played in St. Louis since the Rams left after the 2015 season. Sunday’s other game features the D.C. Defenders at the L.A. Wildcats, who had the smallest XFL crowd to date (14,949) during their Week Two home opener.

14 responses to “Seattle Dragons see attendance drop for second home game

  1. Dragons have a bad QB situation. It’s hard to watch your team when balls are constantly off target. Zorn would be better off going to a wildcat but that would then leave their receivers not getting much visibility for potential NFL invites and that’s mostly why these guys are still putting a helmet on.

  2. Are you saying people don’t want to sit at football stadiums watching a 2nd tier league in February? Not going to get better in March when it is tournament time or April when it is the Masters and start of baseball season. Who ever thinks that starting up a season right after the Super Bowl should take a hot dog stand and sit out side a top rate steak house and try to do business.

  3. Keep coming out to watch the Dragons, Seattle fans. The XFL is a great football league. BTW, it is about time the Seattle NHL team announces their team name.

  4. They need to steal a tradition like the Seahawks did with Texas A&M’s 12th Man. I suggest the Fighting Irish of Seattle.

  5. I agree with an earlier post on this site that the QB play has been pretty bad. But aside from that the games look professional with real athletes making real plays. It will take time to develop an audience but I’m encouraged by most of what I’ve seen.

  6. I still think it would have been better for all teams to play in smaller arenas but I guess the idea is to appeal to people who attend games at these NFL venues or would like to be able to.

    These are like early season CFL crowds – not bad.

  7. I’m watching and good luck to the XFL, but anyway who honestly believes this is a viable entity long-term just plain and simple isn’t very bright.

  8. Weather wasn’t a factor, either. Hopefully the TV ratings hold steady or improve(d) in week 3. That’s really what will show longer term viability.

  9. Should have made them the Buffalo Stampede… They’d sell out each & every game… regardless the QB situation. Buffalo is versed in bad QB situations… Western, NY has some of the most diehard sports fans in the Nation.

  10. 22k in a league that’s only supposed to average 10-15k is pretty spectacular. I’m more interested in seeing where attendance is in year 3, not week 3. These are fine MLS type crowds which is exactly what the XFL is looking to be in the whole scheme of things.

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