Darren Woodson: “Slap in the face” to suggest Dak Prescott should take less

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Emmitt Smith recently suggested Dak Prescott should take less money to give the Cowboys more salary cap room to sign other players. Smith’s former teammate, Darren Woodson, strongly disagrees with the Hall of Famer’s take.

“It’s a slap in the face for people to say he should take less,” Woodson said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That is a slap in that man’s face. They are not out here. I am watching every day. My office oversees the practice field, and there ain’t nobody on that team that works harder than Dak Prescott. He is putting the work in. The man deserves it. That is commitment.”

Woodson’s commercial real estate office overlooks the Cowboys’ practice field in Frisco.

Prescott is PFT’s top-rated free agent, though chances are, he will never hit the market. The Cowboys are expected to franchise the quarterback if they can’t get him signed to a long-term deal.

And there are no signs the sides are any closer to a deal than they got before the season started when Prescott turned down a deal worth $33 million annually.

The Cowboys also have receiver Amari Cooper, cornerback Byron Jones, defensive tackle Malik Collins and Randall Cobb among players scheduled to hit free agency next month.

But managing the Cowboys’ cap is not Prescott’s concern, Woodson said.

“No, hell no,” Woodson said when asked if Prescott should take less money. “This is a capitalistic society. This is America. Why does he have to take less money? We are not expecting others to take less money. We didn’t ask [Eagles quarterback] Carson Wentz to take less money. Why should Dak be the guy to take less money?”

“If he deserves $35-38 million, he should be paid $35-38 million. I think the man has earned it.”

22 responses to “Darren Woodson: “Slap in the face” to suggest Dak Prescott should take less

  1. Can we stop with the “nobody works harder than (insert name)” defense? Only thing more trite and cliche’ is the “He’s the first one in the door and the last one to leave” statement. I’m sure that these guys are hard working, but they can’t all be the hardest or the longest.

  2. Let me oversimplify this for the readers;
    Dak throws a ball and wants $40M.
    And NM the fact that the NFL is an entertainment business.
    It’s just a ball.

  3. He’s going to have to take less because he wants way too much. That’s not taking less. That’s called being realistic. He’s not a $30M QB. He should consider himself lucky to get $25M. I wouldn’t give him that though. I’d rather go out and pay that money (or more) to a guy like Rivers and draft Dak’s replacement. Then let Dak walk and see how much he can get on the open market.

  4. Why in the world does anybody think its okay to tell somebody else what they should for regarding their paycheck. I bet Smith would not have thought it was okay if Calvin Hill or Tony Dorsett were talking how he should take less money than what he wanted. Emmett Smith you need to mind YOUR business.

  5. Everyone is charitable with money when it isn’t theirs. Woodson is right, why should Dak take less? When will he be able to cash in again? This is pro sports, you play to get paid. For Simms to sit there and say he would consider taking less is easy to say sitting behind a mic but a lot harder when it is your money you are giving up and your body you are sacrificing.

  6. So people who watch him play games and form the opinion that he doesn’t warrant a $35-$0 million deal are slapping him in the face, but you, who is watching practice from your office window across the way has decided he is the hardest working member of the team and deserves to get that $40 million. Yeah, seems logical…

  7. You HAVE to pay this man because of the championships, and the ability to put the team on His back when things are going wrong…

    Ohhhhhhh right…… 30 mil should be enough.

  8. His market value is under $30 million-no one else is jumping at the chance to pay him more. Taking $33 million is not taking “less.”

  9. This is not a kindergarten. Nobody gets A for trying, no matter how hard. You get an A for what you accomplish.

  10. Drop the mic, Mr. Woodson. Pay the man and move on. He’s not the one setting market value. In capitalism, everything rises. That’s the way it’s designed.

    Dak will get paid close to $40m. It’s simply his turn.

  11. $33 million a year is a slap in the face?
    For that kind of money, I’d let my face be like a baseball card in a bicycle’s spokes.

  12. Dak is a leader, he’s a team guy to coaches and players,and he’s a gamer that plays well under pressure, is he top 5..no, not at this point but again consider the coaches and play calling he’s been dealt..I’m curious to see the impact McCarthy on his development, and regardless what people think about his worth he is the best option moving forward at this stage of the teams makeup to pursue a title..
    He has played for peanuts his first four years and been the good citizen to his employer not complaining or creating a stink in or out of the building.
    Pay the man his due that puts him in the upper echelon of winner not QB’s, because bottom line the man wins more than most in this league, I still think the best is yet to come from Dak, he is just beginning to enter the prime of his ability.

  13. Hit him with the first round tender and watch nobody offer him over 30 million. Only Jerry thinks Dak is anything but average

  14. After last season I don’t care if the whole damn team gets cut. Starting with Zeke. They had no heart.

  15. jerryjonessaidwhat says:
    February 24, 2020 at 5:06 pm
    Dak is a leader, he’s a team guy to coaches and players,and he’s a gamer that plays well under pressure, is he top 5..no, not at this point but again consider the coaches and play calling he’s been dealt

    The really great QBs don’t need great coaches, just look at Peyton! Dungy, Caldwell, Fox and Kubiak name me one of them that taught Peyton anything about offense, just one? And I don’t want to hear Dungy(a defensive coach), Kubiak(Peyton’s forgotten more about offense than Gary will ever know), Caldwell or Fox = YET RIGHT! And the really great QBs call their own plays and Dak isn’t even in the 3rd tier of QBs yet, he’s just had the priviledge of playing on a pretty loaded team and from what I saw this year he was the reason they didn’t make the Playoffs!

    Losses to the Bills, Bears and half strength Eagles in the last 5wks and had one of his worse games of the year against the Eagles when he could have locked up a Playoff spot! He’d be had pressed to get any more than $30mil/yr from anyone but the most desperate QB needy teams and those are the teams that have the least talent and worst OL.

    He might want to think long and hard about demanding all that money, he could very well end up on a team that’ll make him look BAD and then that’ll make it hard for him to get a big second contract!

    Give Rivers a $60mil/2yr deal as a bridge and go after a QB this year or next and let them ride the bench and learn for a year or maybe two, just look at what sitting did for QBs like Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Rivers, Palmer and Mahomes to name just a few, sitting a year or two makes a huge difference!

  16. The fact is that Dak has earned the right to get paid and Woodson never said $33 million was a slap in the face, he stated that suggesting the man take less than market value is a slap in the face and it is. Emmitt Smith should not be offering an opinion on Dak’s financial decisions, Woodson didn’t, he offered his opinion on Dak’s worth ($35-$40 million).

    While Prescott may not be a top tier QB, he does play at a high level and absolutely is a Top 15, maybe 10 QB. It is also a fact that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys had there starting QB at a cheap rate for the last 4 years, Dak has only made slightly over $4 million in the four years combined (they weren’t even at a 1st round QB salary). It is Jones’ fault that the Cowboys couldn’t load up with FA talent over those four years or use them to set themselves up favorably from a Cap vantage. The Cowboys should have been securing their other veterans with roster bonus payments that would be charged off immediately instead of contract bonuses that are amortized over the life of the contract. They had an especially favorable cap situation the last 4 years with their starting QB only averaging $1MM/season.

    Now it is time to pay Dak, he bet on himself and he won . . . the Cowboys lost. He had a very good year and avoided getting injured, so it is the marketplace that will determine PRescott’s value not his where he ranks talent wise against other QBs. All those other QBs traded their market value for security, they signed prior to risking injury . . . Dak did not. And anyone who doesn’t think that between Chicago, Indy, LA Chargers, Miami, Cinny, Tampa Bay, Oakland, New England and Denver, there isn’t a market to pay Prescott at least $35MM and most likely $40MM are just kidding themselves. If Dallas really wanted to allow Prescott the opportunity to set his contract by the marketplace then they should Franchise Tag him at all (restricted or unrestricted) because teams might not want to pay him $40MM and give up two first round picks.

  17. @ birds of a feather,

    “You HAVE to pay this man because of the championships, and the ability to put the team on His back when things are going wrong… Ohhhhhhh right…… 30 mil should be enough.”

    Your post exactly describes your overpaid glass QB – paid a lot of money to watch the backup win in his absence (due to injury, of course). How ironic, bro.

    Dak hasn’t missed a game, is a 4th rounder, and STILL outplayed Wentz and his
    overinflated contract. Go figure……

    Haters gonna hate…..

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