It’s time to measure Joe Burrow’s hands

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LSU quarterback Joe Burrow may not throw this week at the Scouting Combine, but he will be measured.

And that will shine the light on one of the league’s most esoteric objects of fascination.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL, Burrow’s hands measured 9 inches this morning — on the small side for what people want to see in throwers of the football (and certainly comparable to the mitts of the portion of Shaquille O’Neal we were able to squeeze into this frame).

The measurement is taken from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinkie, and it actually has a practical application. Quarterbacks with bigger hands ostensibly have a better chance to secure the ball, and throw with more authority in poor weather conditions.

If you’re into conventional measurements, Burrow clocked in at 6-3 1/2, and 221 pounds.

A year ago, people wondered about Kyler Murray‘s hand size, but it turned out to be 9 1/2 inches and he had an OK rookie season. But players can be sensitive about the measurement, and former Arkansas quarterback Brandon Allen had his massaged and stretched, going from a way-too-small 8 1/2 at the Senior Bowl to a barely adult-sized 8 7/8 by the time he got to the Combine.

7 responses to “It’s time to measure Joe Burrow’s hands

  1. An “okay” rookie season? Compared to what we’re used to seeing, he had a Great season. Boomer Sooner!

  2. 9 inches? Are you kidding me? 9 inches?
    Well, I guess those stories about his size 7 shoe size may be true after all.

  3. I didn’t believe the hand size myth until i started watching Lamar Jackson in weather related games. Its night and day on the type of passer he is.

  4. It’s a false narrative that the Bengals are the worst franchise in the league.
    They were missing AJ Green and their starting QB last year, and are a weak team.
    But it’s not like the Bengals have been 3-13 for a few years in a row.
    Over the last 10 years, the Bengals are at least OK franchise.

    A bad franchise would be the Browns or the Jets. I’d put the Bengals at the middle of the pack. Give them a good GM and they can turn it around in a couple of years.

    By definition All teams that draft high are weak, unless the pick is traded.
    Burrow won’t harm his development going to the Bengals.
    Where would Burrows expect to go? The patriots?
    Let him enter, play well, and he’ll have his choice of destinations.
    It would damage the sport to do away with the draft.

  5. The fastest, most explosive quarterback who ever lived, who had an absolute make any throw anywhere howitzer of an arm, had a 8 1/2 inch hand. Michael Vick!!!

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