Stephen Jones: We haven’t spoken to Dak Prescott’s agent since September

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The Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott have each had a fair amount to say in the media about his bid for a new contract, but they apparently haven’t been saying anything to each other.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said on Monday, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News, that the team has not spoken to Prescott’s agent Todd France about a contract since last September. It has been reported that Prescott turned down a contract worth $33 million a year at that point.

Jones said earlier this month that things were ready to heat up with Prescott and reiterated that a long-term deal remains the goal. He also said there’s been no consideration given to moving in a different direction.

“Dak’s our quarterback,” Jones said. “He’s our quarterback for the future. We have nothing but the greatest respect for him. . . . There’s no thoughts like that.”

The ongoing talks on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement may be part of the reason why things haven’t moved forward. Jones said that the team will not move forward on deals with either Prescott or wide receiver Amari Cooper until they know if this is going to be the final year of the current CBA or the first year of a new one.

Jones did add that the team spoke to Cooper’s agent at the Super Bowl and termed it a “very upbeat” conversation. If a new CBA is not in place, the Cowboys would be able to use both the franchise and transition tags this offseason.

38 responses to “Stephen Jones: We haven’t spoken to Dak Prescott’s agent since September

  1. Cowboys are about to be torn down so paying an average NFL starter 35 million a year would be 8-8 suicide. Oh wait, that’s exactly what they strive for with their make money mentality. How bout dem Cowboys-

  2. What were the terms of the reported $33 million per year contract Prescott supposedly turned down?

  3. Smart. I am from Dallas and like Dak..but pushing the envelope to the top 2 or 3 is not a fair assessment of his body of work.

    Also, Emmitt Smith, who has been critical of Dak and his agents in regards to contracts, has a valid point even though he held out for two games once. In that era there was no salary cap so his signing was not affecting other signings. Dak being paid as a top 3, which he is not a top 3, deeply affects other signings, and Dak has not shown he alone can will critical wins.

  4. Turning down 33 million is why they haven’t been talking since September because it’s taken this long for Jerry’s head to be reassembled from exploding….

  5. Dak deserves every penny he will get from the Cowboys. He has been outstanding and paid a 4th round salary for 4 years. If any player deserves to be paid, its Dak Prescott.

  6. I’m not Team Dak on this, but the Cowboys hubris and poor cap management brought this onto themselves and now they have to suffer just like they did with Zeke.

    They better hope Dak doesn’t show up fat and lazy like Zeke.

  7. People don’t understand how the Jones boy’s work. Once they feel an agent has asked for unreasonable demands they will shift the focus back to the player and it is then their job to come back to the table. They did this with Tank Lawrence last year and once he talked to them face to face the deal got done. They did the same thing with Tyron Smith years ago. I think Dak is making a mistake asking for so much and going through CAA and not coming back to the table. If he sat down one on one with Stephen and Jerry he could get the 33mill, maybe 34 or 35 and this thing would be done by now. The longer this goes on the more I feel neither side will be happy moving forward.

  8. With all the talent around him he still couldn’t lead Dallas to the playoffs. 8-8 in a div where only 9 wins won it. What makes him believe he’s worth north of $33 million a year? Delusions of mediocrity.

  9. Jerry knows all the tricks of the trade to get a deal done, including the ever faithful “don’t talk to the agent“ ploy.

  10. If they give Available Dak anything over 20 million they can kiss any super bowl hopes goodbye. They barely managed 8-8 with top talent around him, Imagine when they cant resign their best players anymore to pay average dak

  11. In a year or so the cap will increase by 25% — they should bite the bullet on the $34/yr with 3 years guaranteed and wait for the new TV contracts to kick in.

  12. When TB12 walks through the tunnel and onto the field at JerryWorld wearing a Cowboys uniform the Internet will break, and Dak will be sad…

  13. This will hurt for a couple of years but let him walk. Let some other sucker team grossly overpay him.

    Draft a QB.
    Go with a below average QB like Marcus Mariota on a low salary with big incentives, in case he actually does something. By low salary I mean very good backup money, like 7MM/year.
    If you are Mariota you should take this because thats still a good chunk of money, and if you play ok, you get to be an NFL starter and may be able to parlay this into a longer career.

  14. Dak can not read defenses. He over trows wide open receivers. Please let him walk. Go after Another free agent. Do not make this guy the highest paid qb.

  15. Sign teddy or the other guy from new Orleans. Dak is not worth the money he wants. Please do not sacrifice the rest of the team for this below average qb. He is never going to be Patrick or anyone close

  16. The cute thing is that even Teddy Mittens wants $30M/year….now that’s rich. At that point just bring in Andy Dalton.

  17. Dak’s not worth more than $25 million a year in this market. Don’t pay him a dime more.

  18. Yeah, I’m sad to say this because I love Dak. Let him walk if need be. Keep a healthy cap standing. Take Brady…or even a few Teddy, and try to draft a good QB, see what McCarthy is made of. If McCarthy stinks and Dak shows decline vs improvement there will be suffering for 5 years. I don’t know. It’s a tough call. I want to keep Dak, but at an appropriate price.

  19. Dalton for $17M would make more sense than Prescott at $35M simply because of the cap
    Heck, Case Keenum of Joe Flacco could probably be had for $5M and that would be preferable as well
    No hard feelings but Prescott cannot block for himself, catch his passes, or play defense

  20. you listen to the sports talk shows and there are some who cant believe that he hasn’t been paid yet, I think the fact that he hasn’t been paid yet says it all, they’ll bring up that he has been playing under a 4th rd contract for years and his stats, but if the guy hasn’t been paid yet read between the lines, THEY DON’T THINK HE’S THAT SPECIAL to break the bank for him

  21. Tua wants to be a Cowboy. Trade up with the Lions and draft Tua. I just don’t think Jerry has the balls to make such a move. Jimmy Johnson would have done it back in the day.

  22. They could pay Brady 60 for 2 and draft. It would be better than overpaying Dak and anything over 30 per is an overpayment.

  23. @trollaikman8

    I’m not Team Dak on this, but the Cowboys hubris and poor cap management brought this onto themselves and now they have to suffer just like they did with Zeke.

    They better hope Dak doesn’t show up fat and lazy like Zeke.”

    Uhhhh, the Cowboys don’t have $77 million in cap space (5th highest in the league) because they are reckless with spending, swifty. How is that “suffering”, exactly, even with the Zeke contract as part of that $77 million? I mean it is one thing to be a hater, but it is another thing to be a blind hater. We know which of the 2 you are.

    The Cowboys have been one of the most conservative teams in FA the past several years, but of course haters see what they want to see. The cap likely goes up $10 million + this season, and likely another $10 million more in consecutive years. Prescott’s contract, wherever it ends up, won’t put Dallas in cap hell, much to your chagrin.

    Your math, like your post, makes no sense. But you keep it real and keep it classy.

  24. “Sign teddy or the other guy from new Orleans.”

    Teddy Bridgewater is a realistic option. But we can just stop with the Taysom Hill stuff? No 30-year old who has thrown 13 passes in 3 years is going to take over as the starting QB for an NFL team. He has just over 100 yards passing for his career and has NEVER thrown a TD.

  25. cobrala2 says:
    February 24, 2020 at 6:04 pm
    Jerry knows all the tricks of the trade to get a deal done, including the ever faithful “don’t talk to the agent“ ploy.


    Jerry loves the attention, nothing more. He has given market setting contracts to both Elliot and Lawrence in the last year despite protesting that it is something they never do.

    It took Elliot until the start of the regular season to get his record setting contract, don’t expect Dak’s record setting contradct to be any easier. The longer Dak waits the more money Jerry will give him, regardless of whether it is wise or not.

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