Bob Quinn doubles down: Lions are not trading Matthew Stafford

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Matthew Stafford isn’t going anywhere.

That’s what Lions General Manager Bob Quinn told the quarterback on the phone after trade rumors surfaced earlier this month.

“I called Matthew and I said, ‘Listen, I haven’t had one conversation. I’m not trying to; we’re not trading you. Period,'” Quinn said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “And he was great. He was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t want to go anywhere.'”

The trade rumor came out of nowhere and makes no sense. As PFT previously reported, the Lions would take a dead cap hit of $24.8 million if Stafford were traded.

Plus, Quinn and coach Matt Patricia are on notice from ownership to show improvement, something they have a better chance to do with Stafford than with a rookie quarterback.

“In terms of the whole rumor on Stafford, I think I’ve texted a lot of people here that it’s like 100 percent false,” Quinn said. “If we need to add a third exclamation point, we will. So I don’t know where that came from.”

That doesn’t mean the Lions won’t draft a quarterback with the third overall choice. They are in position to draft Stafford’s heir apparent, and Quinn said they won’t rule out any position.

Stafford, 32, played only eight games last season, landing on injured reserve late in the season with a back injury. He had 19 touchdowns and five interceptions.

“You look at your quarterback and see how he’s playing,” Quinn said. “One thing about Matthew is like his No. 1 trait is still the same as it was when I came here 4 1/2 years ago. He still has that great arm strength. He’s a competitor. He’s tough. He’s sneaky athletic. I think he’s improved his athleticism a little bit over his career. He does a great job taking care of his body. You take all those things into consideration, just like any other player, you have to see, are they ascending, are they declining. And I think it’s different for every position in terms of how old they are.”

8 responses to “Bob Quinn doubles down: Lions are not trading Matthew Stafford

  1. If they don’t take Tua, they’re crazy. Where have they gotten with Stafford? Let Tua sit for a year behind Stafford and then trade him when the cap hit doesn’t kill them.

  2. Long time Lions fan here. Sure, Quinn isn’t going to trade Stafford – he received a win now warning from the Fords – but if the organization had any vision, maybe they should consider it.

    Stafford is dealing with broken bones in his back. This is not a light issue. He suffered through injuries the season before after Golden Tate was traded and was hit with back to back double digit sack games.

    Then he comes back last year and misses half the season. Stafford usually doesn’t miss games unless it’s serious. This has to be a concern.

    And this year the team has the #3 pick of the draft. Any functional organization would at least consider trading Stafford in a restructured contract and looking towards the future – especially with the possibility of landing a top tier QB on a rookie contract.

    But not the Lions. The stars are aligned against us. Too many holes and Patricia is in over his head.

  3. I’m a Bears fan. And I am really hoping the Lions don’t draft Tua at 3 if he’s there.

  4. If some even more desperate GM offers two first rounders eat the 24.8 million. Draft a tackle to go with Tau, fill in next year with talent with the extra 1st rounder equals 4 years of cheaper contracts…worth the trade.

  5. Stafford is an elite QB that inexplicably doesn’t win. He can make the throws, he reads defenses, he has the comebacks where he’s taken his team on his shoulders and won. And yet, unlike Rogers or Rivers or even Eli, he can’t seem to be enough for his team to make them competitive in an era where a superb QB can at least keep there team in perennial playoff contention. It’s weird. He as all the skills to make a passing game better, to make a running back great. To help a defense be great by playing with a lead. But it just never worked out. I wonder what he’d do on another team.

    If they do draft Tua, watch for Stafford in MN in 2021 if they can’t find a trading partner.

  6. Maybe the Lions have been horrible for so long because they do not understand the value of moving on from an asset while it still has value. Trading Stafford, getting draft picks and moving onto a young qb with a “cheap” contract would make a lot of sense.

    Also, you’d think they would want a better poker face around their draft plans, indicating maybe they take a QB so other teams make strong offers.

  7. The Lions are the most mismanaged franchise in the history of sports. No one wants a QB that has been in the league for 12 years with no playoff wins and a broken back.

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