Bruce Arians has some thoughts about his future quarterback

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The Buccaneers haven’t declared their intentions for pending free agent quarterback Jameis Winston.

But as they’ve continued to negotiate since the end of the season, coach Bruce Arians keeps floating reminders that it’s not Winston-or-nothing.

Arians even went to a length most coaches won’t, and mentioned names of possible replacements if it got to that point.

Via Greg Auman of, Arians was asked if there were quarterbacks he’d pick up the phone to call in free agency.

Tom Brady,” he said. “Philip [Rivers} is another guy. We’ll see.”

If the NFL was ever serious about enforcing tampering rules, what Arians did there would likely be a violation. But the league clearly doesn’t care, so we’ll accept Arians being forthright at face value, and appreciate the fact he won’t insult our intelligence by pretending not to know the specifics of the market and who’s in it. That’s also probably more of a general statement about the market rather than a ranking of targets.

He also said he hasn’t talked to Winston very much since the end of the season, but that’s not unusual in January in and February.

Either way, he clearly wants to get some clarity on the situation soon.

“When the dominoes start falling, other guys are going to be on the market,” he said of quarterbacks. “How long? I don’t want to drag it out very long. It’s one thing I’d like to get done soon. We’ll see.”

He also didn’t seem to be fond of adding multiple quarterbacks.

“If you have competition at quarterback, you probably don’t have one,” he said. “That’s always been my philosophy. Whoever’s our quarterback is our quarterback.”

And if it’s not Winston, he clearly has some ideas.

8 responses to “Bruce Arians has some thoughts about his future quarterback

  1. Idk how anyone likes Arians. I used to before he got to Arizona. When he was there, he was always throwing his players under the bus. He has no people skills whatsoever. Now, he’s pretty much saying he doesn’t want Winston. Even if you didn’t like Winston and were going to move on, why wouldn’t you support him? Arians is a tool.

  2. Arians should be fired, game has past him bye. How can OJ Howard not be in the game plan? Arians should be fired.

  3. Marcus Mariota on line 1.
    Blake Bortles on Line 2.
    Dak Prescott on line 3.

    (shhhh, let the phone ring, maybe they will leave us alone)

  4. Calling Phillip Rivers would be equivalent to Arians trading in his current car for a much older model with higher miles. Not only is it short sighted but completely idiotic.

  5. For the love of god, Chicago PLEASE sign Winston if Arians cuts him. The Bears can live with turnovers as long as their O scores points, and that’s what Winston does.

  6. As long as the New QB is coachable, reliable with the ball and a WINNER!
    Basically the opposite of what they have had the past 10+ years!

  7. “If the NFL was ever serious about enforcing tampering rules, what Arians did there would likely be a violation. But the league clearly doesn’t care”


    Considering Brady specifically negotiated his free agency last year, it stands to reason that Patriots have given other teams expressed permission to go ahead. The sooner Brady decides to stay or go, the sooner the Patriots can plan 2020. It’s to their benefit.

    It’s simple LOGIC.

  8. I swear some of you on here should be GM’s or Head Coaches. You know exactly what to do and how to evaluate players. How did ya’ll slip thru the cracks? Or busting tables at BWW was more appealing?

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