Cam Newton in workout video: “All I want is a little commitment”

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The Panthers are choosing their words carefully, as they try to navigate the tricky situation they’re in with quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton’s making his feelings known, in his own way.

The rehabbing quarterback just posted a video to Instagram in which he shouted out what appears to be a mantra for the offseason.

After saying “I’m so comfortable being uncomfortable,” while doing what appears to be a plank, Newton shouts: “All I want is a little commitment. And you can’t give me that?”

In what could possibly be a coincidence, Newton’s entering the final year of his contract, and is due $19.1 million this year.

The former MVP would obviously like some more security, while the Panthers don’t appear to be in a rush to pay a guy who hasn’t been able to finish the last two seasons with shoulder and foot problems. It’s hard to trade him at the moment because he’s not well enough to pass a physical for another team, so their options are limited at the moment.

Prior to the shoulder injury in 2018, he was playing the best football of his career,” but he’s turning 31 this offseason, and the Panthers are entering an admitted rebuild.

New coach Matt Rhule said earlier today he “absolutely” expects Newton to be on the roster in September, and that he was “unbelievably excited to work with Cam.”

Newton’s excited about something, that’s for sure.

24 responses to “Cam Newton in workout video: “All I want is a little commitment”

  1. “All I want is a little commitment”

    Yeah Cam, that’s what your teammates and fans wanted when you fled your own fumble with the SB on the line…

  2. It’s no longer a matter of dispute, Cam is a permanent baby.
    May as well face it, it is what it is, and forever shall be.

  3. To many players do nothing but want. 19.1 million and you have been less than a good QB for a few years

  4. Uh, the guy has made roughly $120 million being a fairly mediocre one trick pony who is best know for not even attempting to recover his own fumble in the Super Bowl. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Cam.

  5. Assuming that a QB should first and foremost be a great passer to be considered good, I guess I’ve never understood the appeal of a QB that in 9 seasons has finished above-average in passing only 2 times.

    He’s 68-55, 3-4 in the playoffs of which his team only made 4 of his 9 seasons.

    He wasn’t even particularly good in the playoffs when it really matters, averaging 260 yards and not even a touchdown-and-a-half.

    Good, yes. Great, no. Above-average, no.

    For those claiming his rushing abilities, he has 2 rushing TDs and averaged 37 yards on 4.1 ypc in the playoffs.

    For these rushing QBs, if they’re going to be regarded as franchise QBs then they have to be able to be above-average passers. Newton isn’t.

    Jackson was this season, obviously. Allen wasn’t, not even close. Wilson is, his TD/INT ratio is over 3, Newton’s isn’t even 2.

    It’s simple, if you want franchise QB status and the money and “commitment” that goes with it, you have to be able to throw the ball as such. Newton doesn’t. Didn’t say he can’t, he doesn’t.

  6. I will say this, I would pay Newton over Dak Prescott. Newton has shown that when healthy, he is a game changer. Same cannot be said about Prescott.

  7. He is done, can’t play in the pocket the game is to fast. He can’t get out of the pocket anymore without getting hit he isn’t fast anymore. Give him 15 mil and let him compete for a job. OR maybe the commitment he needs comes from his own head.

  8. When QBs like Kirk Cousins are paid in the top five of NFL QBs there is something wrong when an MVP and Player of the Year isn’t… If Cam were the Vikings QB he would have won an SB. Cam had a bad shoulder so did Luck and he came back stronger, Cam messed up his foot in the last game of the preseason, why was he playing in the preseason. If Cam is 100% he is a top 10 QB! And with a good team with all the pieces on offense and defense Cam can take a team like the Bears or Chargers on a deep playoff run. The Panthers have never given Cam a decent set of WRs… With the Chargers Cam upgrades that team in a way that Rivers wasn’t able to do…

  9. Cam accuracy so bad, he couldn’t throw a football into the Atlantic ocean…


    All Cam has had to throw to is Olsen… The Panthers have no WRs on this team let see any QB in the NFL have a hight completion % with the Panthers WRs. Where are the Panthers WRs that Cam had to throw to during his MVP year? They are basically out of the NFL.

  10. RussianBreadMaker says:

    I will say this, I would pay Newton over Dak Prescott. Newton has shown that when healthy, he is a game changer. Same cannot be said about Prescott.

    Not even the Panthers would take Cam over Dak. Not a single team would.

  11. Problem is, Cam can really say whatever he wants because, like it or not, if the Panthers kick him to the curb there will be several other teams ready to greet him with open arms and probably more than $19m.

  12. This guy once made it to the Super Bowl and promptly showed that he didn’t belong at that level. Since then, he has been going downhill. His best days are clearly behind him, not ahead.

  13. I’m sure the Panthers organization wanted “a little commitment” in previous offseasons while they watched rival Quarterbacks develop passing skills and work on their craft year after year while Cam never got better. Even when his athletic ability started declining, Cam just never seemed to care about winning.

  14. I always thought Cam was more committed to the fashion world than the football world. When you think of Cam Newton do you think more of great football moments or are his wacky suits more memorable.

    I think his Darkwing duck suit he wore to a press conference his most memorable outfit.

  15. I don’t know how panther fans put up with this idiot. He is truly hard to pull for at all. I can’t stand the guy, he lacks awareness. He just seems to wants to smoke his cigars and dress funnier than other people. Cool Cam.

  16. He hasn’t played at an All-Pro level since 2015
    He hasn’t looked like an NFL quarterback in a year and a half
    Yeah, he used to be good but that was a long time ago
    Kaepernick used to be good too

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