Dave Gettleman says Giants “open for business” regarding trading back in draft

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There were those that thought the Giants should have traded down in the first round of each of the last two drafts, but General Manager Dave Gettleman wasn’t one of them.

Gettleman stayed at No. 2 in 2018 to select running back Saquon Barkley, stayed at No. 6 to take quarterback Daniel Jones last year and never blinked when making it clear that he never gave much thought to adding picks while possibly remaining in position to take those players at lower spots. Those moves didn’t allow the Giants to avoid another high pick this year as they’re slated to pick fourth during April’s draft in Las Vegas.

On Tuesday, Gettleman said at a press conference, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, that the team is “open for business” when it comes to trading back this time. If so, it would mark a serious change in approach.

As Peter King noted in this week’s Football Morning in America, Gettleman has overseen seven drafts as the G.M. of the Panthers and Giants and he has never once traded down. Gettleman signaled his reticence to make such deals on Tuesday when he said you can “trade yourself out of a good player” so being open for business may not mean much for the likelihood of making a deal.

5 responses to “Dave Gettleman says Giants “open for business” regarding trading back in draft

  1. Washington may be able to get a ransom if someone wants TUA and they believe Detroit wants him…

  2. It would be hard to fault Gettleman since those last two draft picks have worked out for them. Barkley has already made an impact and Jones has showed some real promise even though he’s just a rookie. If they can trade down and continue to do as well with their draft picks they could turn their fortunes around.

  3. Yes you can “trade yourself out of a good player”, but if you do it right you can still get a good player and possibly multiple other ones.

  4. Gettleman is doing everything right. The Giants got their franchise QB, and now it’s time to supplement the roster with solid players. The only position that you absolutely need a great player is QB, and they’ve done that. Go back in history and see how some of the real dynasties went from worst to best, and the Giants are copying that script. I can also remember way back when the Giants were heavily criticized by some for taking Lawrence Taylor with the #2 overall pick, so you’re never going to make everybody happy. Chuck Noll and Jimmy Johnson received a lot of criticism when they were building their dynasties too.

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