Jarvis Landry holds consecutive games streak “near and dear to my heart”

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Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry thought he would avoid hip surgery after the 2019 season and come up with a plan to delay an operation for at least another year, but he felt enough pain during the Pro Bowl to know that he had to go a different route.

Landry announced last week that he had the surgery and he shared some more about what he expects over the rest of the offseason in an interview posted to his YouTube channel. Landry has never missed a game since entering the league in 2014 and said he holds that streak “near and dear to my heart,” which makes it a good thing that he made the surgery call when he did.

“I knew that after talking with [doctors] prior to Pro Bowl that the recovery time was six-to-eight months,” Landry said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “So I knew I had to make a decision right then and there. If I waited another month, now they’re pushing me another couple weeks back for the start of the season. Now I’m looking at an August return — maybe even before that — while if I’d had waited another couple weeks, I’m looking at a September return.”

It’s too early in the recovery process to be certain that Landry will progress exactly as hoped, but the timing of the operation makes it likelier that he’ll play his 97th straight game come Week One.

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