Matt Rhule on Cam Newton: If we do this right, his best football is ahead of him


Tuesday was a busy day on the Cam Newton front.

The quarterback posted a video that featured him saying that he’s looking for some commitment hours after a report indicated that the Panthers are encouraged by the way he’s been rehabbing after last year’s season-ending foot injury. Head coach Matt Rhule confirmed that during a visit with Mike Florio and Chris Simms on PFT Live.

Rhule said he “really likes the way [Newton’s] approaching rehab and said he thinks there are big things to come if the quarterback continues down this road.

“I’m really excited to coach Cam Newton,” Rhule said. “Just getting to know him, being around him, seeing the way he’s rehabbing, taking this seriously. I think if he does this right and we do this right, his best football is ahead of him.”

Rhule said he’s watched tape dating back to 2015 or so to see what the Panthers look like when they’re a winning team. That look featured heavy doses of Newton on offense, which would explain the excitement about the prospect of coaching him this year.

That might not represent the commitment that Newton is looking for and there’s both time and space for things to turn in the other direction, but the doors in Carolina appear to be open for the longtime starter to stick around.