Ron Rivera’s meeting with Trent Williams went well

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One of Ron Rivera’s great strengths as a coach is building relationships with players.

And it appears that he’s helping Washington rebuild the bridge with left tackle Trent Williams, after the previous administration napalmed it.

Via Les Carpenter of the Washington Post, Rivera acknowledged that he had met face-to-face with Williams, who sat out last season in an ugly spat with since-fired team president Bruce Allen and the since-changed medical staff.

Carpenter cited a source who said Rivera and Williams worked through all the issues other than money, and that finances remain the biggest hurdle in Williams returning.

The 31-year-old Williams is entering the final season of his previous contract, and is due $12.5 million for this season. But none of that money is guaranteed.

Offering him an extension which included some guarantees would likely help the process along, though, a tangible expression of the love Rivera has already shown Williams.

6 responses to “Ron Rivera’s meeting with Trent Williams went well

  1. It has to be about the money. Take one look at the man’s instagram. He is private jet setting all over the world. That kinda lifestyle is not cheap.

  2. Williams has already stated he wants guaranteed money. The team should extend him and guarantee at least one year’s money. He’s worth it and it’s not a big deal cap wise.

  3. The some of the local talk radio heads are down on Trent; if you want to help develop Haskins you need to have players on offense. Williams has missed time for injuries and suspensions. Last year was totally lost. But, for years the best pass rushers in the league would line up opposite him and disappear. If you want to avoid a big cap hit this year restructure the contract. Want to help Haskins; run the ball and play defense.

  4. RussianBreadMaker says:
    washingtonfcfootball, Haskins is not the long term answer.
    I hope your wrong and the scoring offense in 2019 was more a result of the whole package being broken. Trent Williams, Jordan Reed, Guice, Love. What’s the high end for Haskins? The second pick in the draft for a QB and starting over? Please don’t depress bread maker but you may be correct.

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