Tony Grossi apologizes for derogatory comment about Baker Mayfield

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Shortly after he was suspended by ESPN Cleveland for calling Baker Mayfield a “f—king midget,” Tony Grossi has issued an apology.

Grossi, the longtime Cleveland sports reporter who has butted heads with Mayfield since before Mayfield even arrived in Cleveland, admitted he was in the wrong.

“I am truly sorry for my language and choice of words in a remark I made about Baker Mayfield,” Grossi wrote. “I sincerely apologize for using a word that is a derogatory slur. There’s no excuse for using that language in any context. It was said without malice but also without thought.”

Grossi acknowledged that he bears some of the blame for his relationship with Mayfield, which has seen them exchange cross words in the past.

“It is well known that Baker and I have had our differences, and in the course of this experience, I’ve had to question my role in the erosion of the relationship. I have always endeavored to report and comment on him and the team fairly, and am shaken by these events,” Grossi said.

ESPN Cleveland has not said how long Grossi will be suspended.

23 responses to “Tony Grossi apologizes for derogatory comment about Baker Mayfield

  1. “Without malice”? “Some” of the blame? He’s been jabbing at Mayfield since college. That whole made up story about demanding first class. Asking question after question just to provoke. He was fired by the Plain Dealer as a BNrowns beat reporter and has been persona non grata for the entire Browns organization for like a decade now. He’s the absolute worst kind of hack click-bait reporter and I don’t know why ESPN would employ him at all.

  2. Cleveland be Cleveland. Maybe kick this guy off the Hall of Fame panels so Art can get his due justice.

  3. Of course he’s sorry. He’s faced with the reality of working an actual job where he’ll have to do more than provide an opinion for a paycheck.

  4. Not much of an apology and it appears he didn’t apologize to Mayfield specifically for his utterance.

    Glad he sees himself as having a responsibility role in his relationships. Wish everyone could adopt that simple understanding in life. Wouldn’t the world be much better? Okay; too deep.

  5. Yes, when your job is on the line you cannot apologize fast enough or loud enough. Look back at some of the stupid questions he has asked Baker in the past. Either common sense questions or questions to purposely cause provocations. Plus,the only reporting he does is what he hears from other beat reporters. Bye Felicia.

  6. Grossi should really get a therapist and get to the bottom of what makes him take such a personal, mean-spirited approach to his job.

  7. Long time coming … remember the derogatory remark about Randy Lerner??
    Now he can rightfully get back to his day job picking cotton.

  8. LOL!

    Priceless. The guy puts him in his place, the only person in the organization willing to call out the turd that he is, and he’s forced to apologize. What a world.

    Apologize to the Millennial! He’s feelings are hurt! lmao

  9. As an outsider this guy reminds me of Jason Whitlock when he was in KC. Outspoken for sure, but maybe not as big of a jerk.

    My issue is who is offended here? Ya, the guy said something stupid. That’s his MO. Who cares. I never knew the “m” word was that offensive and while I can see it would be why are people so sensitive? It’s not like he is a “m” word.

    If he would’ve called him an “effing Neanderthal” would that be okay? Just seems we found a bad guy who happened to say the wrong thing so everyone pounces.

    Sticks and stones people, move on.

  10. Have you seen the other dolts that ESPN employs? The rest arent much better. Always making up stories and being generally anti-america

  11. I miss the old days when it was only the professional athletes that were the prima donnas. Now it’s both the “sports personality” and the pro athlete.

  12. If some jerk sports reporter insulted my teammate I’d not talk to that organization. The entire Browns should not answer questions from ESPN reports, only other reporters. If forced to by the NFL then use the Belichick approach.

  13. He’s not sorry. He’s only sorry he got suspended and now he’s crying crocodile tears and issuing a faux apology. The Browns should tell the radio affiliate that as long as that guy is covering the Browns not to expect a press pass. The station should re-assign this guy to covering high school girls softball. This guy crossed a line and has been doing it for some time. They should also give him some extra training on what is and what is not acceptable. Grossi is a tool.

  14. He still hates Mayfield. Notice how he just apologized for making the remark, but did not directly apologize to Mayfield (or even indirectly for that matter).

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