49ers open to trading Marquise Goodwin

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The 49ers won’t release receiver Marquise Goodwin, but they are open to trading him.

“We wouldn’t release Marquise. He’s too valuable,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said, via Matt Barrows of TheAthletic.com. “I know he fell out of the rotation last year, then he had an injury (and) wanted to go on IR, so he could get it cleaned up. I think it is right now. I haven’t seen him for a while. Marquise is a guy who can play in this league. If he’s on this team, he’s going to be competing with that group and, if not, I feel pretty confident another team would want him.”

Shanahan conceded the 49ers could trade Goodwin, who has two years left on his contract. Goodwin is scheduled to make $3.95 million in base salary and count $4.906 million against the cap.

The 49ers don’t have much room under the cap, with only about $13 million in space currently. They have extensions to work out with defensive tackle DeForest Buckner and tight end George Kittle and perhaps attempt to keep defensive end Arik Armstead.

“We could [trade Goodwin], yeah,” Shanahan said. “You also don’t get rid of valuable people just for nothing. So we’ll have him come back and compete and if that doesn’t work out we could always possibly trade him. There are lots of things that are open. But I don’t know that exact answer yet.”

Goodwin, 29, played in nine games last season and made 12 catches for 186 yards and a touchdown. It was his least number of catches, yards and touchdowns since 2015.

7 responses to “49ers open to trading Marquise Goodwin

  1. Good luck trying to trade him. Given the very receiver heavy draft I don’t see any team giving the 49ers an offer

  2. He is about as tradeable as McKinnon… but at least he has played in a regular season game for SF

  3. They have already cleared out plenty of cap space and will be clearing out more. The 13 million is outdated. That said I doubt anyone gives up anything for Goodwin. His only real asset is speed and this is supposed to be a loaded draft.

  4. “Oft injury” Is correct. He only has played in all 16 games once in his career. He missed more games than you’d like to see and his knee injury last season means he won’t be highly sought after. Certainly not at the price tag he has coming. Teams will sit back and wait for him to be cut to look at him.

  5. Shanahan sure sounds like a guy looking to trade someone. Probably wouldn’t get more than a 4th for the guy, so he makes it sound as if trading him would only happen if he gets value back. Ain’t going to happen. C-Hawk is right.

  6. Averaging less than 4 catches for 30 yards & missing 1/3rd of the season doesn’t sound like a very valuable guy on the trade market. Maybe I am missing something, but numbers like that could be had from an UDFA for a fraction of the price.

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