Browns reportedly interested in Case Keenum

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The Browns will be looking for a new backup quarterback, with Drew Stanton headed to free agency.

And one of their options is a guy new coach Kevin Stefanski knows well.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, free agent Case Keenum is on the team’s radar. A report from Jason La Canfora of also put Chase Daniel into the mix.

While there’s no indication that the Browns are anything but interested in building around Baker Mayfield, those two have fairly different profiles.

The 33-year-old Daniel is the classic veteran mentor (which is what they call people they hope never have to play), with five starts and 218 pass attempts in 10 NFL seasons.

Keenum has had a high degree of success, particularly with Stefanski.

In 2017 with the Vikings, Keenum went 11-3 as starter and took them to the NFC Championship Game, before they went all-in with Kirk Cousins the following year. But with Stefanski as his quarterbacks coach, he posted a career-best 98.3 passer rating, with 22 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

10 responses to “Browns reportedly interested in Case Keenum

  1. Low key, look for Dallas to sign a veteran backup QB and move on from their undrafted rookie QB mill efforts of the prior regime.

  2. Garret Gilbert is better than Case Keenum in my opinion. I’d love to see him get a chance to start in this league. He definitely passed the eye test in the AAF.

  3. yess sign a 1 year wonder as a backup instead drafting 2 younger guys inthe later rounds for cheap brilliant

  4. I’m not sure that’s a good sign that Baker fits what Stefanski wants to do…
    The Browns supposedly spent the offseason getting their ducks in a row. Will Mayfield be the (gone) goose?
    Browns fans need to lower their expectations…again.

  5. This could be kind of like Tim Couch versus Kelly Holcomb where Keenum looks so much better in the preseason,it’s explained as he’s playing against 2 and 3rd stringers, and then the next thing you know Keenum is the starter and Mayfield is history.

    Oh yeah….and then Keenum eventually bombs and it’s back to square one searching for a franchise QB

  6. Keenum did great with Shurmur as his offensive coordinator and Diggs/Thielen as the best contested catch tandem in the NFL. Not sure that will ever again be replicated.

  7. He would do great short term and he’s an upgrade. He can also teach the one who says he can teach himself how to be a professional.

  8. The comments are cracking me up. Browns are looking for a game managing backup to replace the one they had and people are like “Uh Oh Baker, these guys whose best years are about equal to your worst might take your job.”

    My guess is these people don’t actually watch football or just don’t like Baker as a person if they think Chase Daniels or Case Keenum are even in the same area code as far as talent. The closest Keenum has come to Baker level stats was when he got all those garbage time yards when the Broncos crapped out at the end of the 2018 season.

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