Dolphins G.M. feels good about their flexibility to make a move

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With Joe Burrow seemingly settling the question of whether he’d play for the team that picks first overall yesterday, the question now becomes which team will exercise that pick.

The one thing we know for sure is that if the Dolphins want to make a move for Burrow or another quarterback, they have the resources to do so.

Via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier said he hasn’t had specific conversations with other teams about moving up, but he knows he might have to.

We feel good,” Grier said. “History shows with the things we’ve done and the picks we’ve acquired and the money that we feel good about our standing and the flexibility to move up and down or stand pat.

“It’s a conversation that sometimes it happens before you talk and sometimes it might happen when you’re on the clock on draft day. Again, it’s weighing. You look at what’s available, how many players are at that position and available as you’re looking at your board. And then in terms of when you’re doing it in free agency it’s just working with the team and seeing what’s best for your organization.”

If the Bengals lock in on Burrow as expected, the Dolphins still might have to move up from the fifth overall pick to get Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert.

They have three first-round picks this year (fifth, 18th, and 26th overall), as well as two second-rounders and a pair of 2021 first-rounders, so the ability to package picks to get their quarterback is clear.

13 responses to “Dolphins G.M. feels good about their flexibility to make a move

  1. Please don’t trade up for Tua or Herbert. Please! If they are both gone at #5…We have plenty of other needs. Get that LT that can start for 10 years or DE or OLB. Just use the picks. Take Jordan Love or one of the other QB’s later in the 1st or 2nd round. Those QB’s tend to be better anyway…

  2. How is this even a question after they held a firesale on their entire roster for draft picks? You could bend this team into a pretzel they are so flexible.

  3. eagleswin says:
    February 26, 2020 at 7:23 am
    How is this even a question after they held a firesale on their entire roster for draft picks? You could bend this team into a pretzel they are so flexible.
    They got rid of all pro or pro bowl players. That limits flexibility because they need to fill extra holes that they created. Creating holes for picks and then consolidating those picks to go get a guy that NEEDS additional players does not make sense. Throwing away multiple picks to get Tua who has as much of a chance to live on IR as he does to be a franchise QB would be idiotic. FIX THE LINES FIRST.

  4. Develop Rosen under Fitz. With the draft capital and the most cap space it shouldn’t be hard to build a quality team for the future.

  5. If the Dolphins would have tanked just two more games they would have had that first pick.
    Thanks a lot Flores

  6. Young, Tua or Love. Would only trade up for Young. Would take Love at 5 over Tua, all day. Love is the sleeper QB of this draft class! We Dolphins also need, either a LT, and playmaker LE & OLB on Defense. Raekwon and Jerome need help besides them.

    If anyone is high on Herbert, after reviewing some tape on him, he will likely be a bust. Another Nick Foles-esque. NFL prototype size that is sought after, good NFL arm but limited skills to run a winning offense. Career backup. Chad Henne, Brock Osweiler, nuff said!

  7. Don’t give up more than a late 2 or 3 – -Don’t do it — –
    If they want more – Pass and pick the players you with your picks – -You also have 2 1st and 2 twos next year – – get the players and we will be much better

  8. Don’t trade up for a QB. The team is more then capable with Fitzpatrick and Rosen. Use the first two picks and draft quality linemen. Pick up D’andre Swift with the 3rd pick late in the 1st round.
    With rounds 2-7 pickup best player available and/or trade those picks to move up.
    Use the endless amount of salary cap space to sign 1 year performance based contracts to fill in positions of need with free agents for this upcoming year. This will prevent a salary cap issue the following year while being able to evaluate talent you may want to resign.
    Next year, draft your QB. Lawrence is a winner.

  9. Sign T and G in FA, draft T or G in round 1, draft the other in round 2. With another round 1 draft an edge rusher, and sign one in FA (Van Noy, soon to be ex-Pat would be a good one cheap, or that Jags ProBowlerat more money). Other round 1 on either QB or LB. CB or S in round 2 and running back whenever. But I wouldn’t even put Rosen behind the worst OL in maybe NFL history! Fitz could likely handle it though since he did in 2019. And I don’t think Burrow or Tua or even Herbert wants to be behind that OL!

  10. Flroes comes from the BB school. 6th round Qb is luck trading down at all costs, especially when a 2020 3rd rounder is a 2021 2nd rounder is playing chess when the rest are playing checkers.

    Great players and average coaching is almost always worse that great coaching and average players. Look at the Cowboys roster and compare it to the Patriots roster. Player for player. Get the volume, hit on the percentages of that volume and coach them up.

  11. “History shows with the things we’ve done….” That’s the problem, Mr. Grier. You are the only one who is left who was part of the problem with the team’s poor drafting of college talent.

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