Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs says Kirk Ferentz told him he’s ready for the NFL

Getty Images

College football coaches may be ambivalent when their best juniors ask them for advice about whether to enter the NFL draft: What’s best for the team isn’t always what’s best for the player. But Iowa offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs says head coach Kirk Ferentz encouraged him to turn pro.

Wirfs visited the PFT Live set at the Scouting Combine today and said Ferentz told him that he’s ready for the NFL and wouldn’t have anything more to prove by playing his senior year at Iowa in 2020.

“Coach Ferentz gave me some of the best advice for making the decision to come to the next level,” Wirfs said. “He told me, you’ve done everything we’ve asked here and more, you’ve won the games, you’ve given yourself the ability to make this decision, so he said, go enjoy it. You only get to do this one time.”

Wirfs has been a Top 10 pick in some mock drafts, and there’s little doubt that he got the right advice from Ferentz.