Mike McCarthy gave up play-calling duties to keep successful offense in place


When he was in Green Bay, Mike McCarthy said he would never give up play calling.

In his first weeks in Dallas, the new Cowboys coach gave up play calling to Kellen Moore.

Never say never.

The Packers beat writers reminded McCarthy on Wednesday about his declaration never to let anyone else call the plays as long as he was head coach.

“I have a new job, so I get to start over and take all those never again statements back,” McCarthy said, chuckling. “I think when you just look at the big picture, these decisions that I’m making particularly early in my tenure, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. I’ve had a chance to study the opportunities that were in front of me for quite some time and Dallas was the one opportunity was something I thought it was important to keep the current offense in place because of the success they’ve had in the past. The productivity on offense is very high. There will always be things that are different. I think anytime you have a coaching change, that’s obvious. Our approach to offense will change. The design of how we put things together will be different. But it’s important to build off the successful concepts and particularly the language in place.

“I’m excited to work with Kellen, and I’ve really enjoyed our meetings. I really like the way he looks at the game.”

Moore was a first time play caller last season, and the Cowboys finished with the most yards in the NFL.

5 responses to “Mike McCarthy gave up play-calling duties to keep successful offense in place

  1. Fans make way too much of play calling duties. McCarthy will have his offense in Dallas and if that O-line can give him some play action they will be pretty good. They have $80M in cap space so I have to think they can get something done. Cap is going up is even $35M might seem like top defender money in 2022. Hope Packers can get a NT and a WR for a NFC showdown in January.

  2. Translation: I want a shield in case this doesn’t work out…now I can blame Kellen if the offense fails and buy a couple more years

  3. You need a play caller who is not afraid of the moment. You need someone who is not predictable. For now that’s Kellen Moore. Former OC Scott Linehan was very predicable. If you look at Green Bay under McCarthy, he was pretty predictable on his play calling. The play of Aaron Rodgers made it somewhat unpredictable.

  4. A head coach calling plays is like a CEO heading up marketing. Sure, they can probably do the job, even do it well, but both CEO and head coach are full-time jobs. Every moment McCarthy spends on play-calling is a moment he isn’t focused on the game as a whole, on the situation, on timeouts, and so many little things that can make the difference between winning and losing.

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