NFL made no significant concessions during Tuesday’s meeting with NFLPA

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Before the NFL Players Association board of player representatives narrowly approved the proposed CBA for a vote by the full union membership, NFLPA leadership met with a group of NFL owners to discuss the deal that the league formally accepted last week. So what, if anything, did the NFL add to the current deal to persuade the NFLPA’s board of player representatives to narrowly approve it?

Per a league source, the NFL made no significant concessions to the NFLPA during yesterday’s meeting. Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram takes it a step farther, saying the that players “got nothing” more from the league.

Still, enough was said to get just enough members of the board of player representatives to allow the deal to be forwarded to full union membership for a vote, even if it comes without the formal recommendation that would accompany a 66-percent approval by the board of player representatives. It’s believed that the league reiterated during the meeting many of the points that initially sold NFLPA leadership on a deal that the union has had much more difficulty than expected when it comes to selling the deal to the players who represent each of the various teams.

Regardless, last week’s decision by NFLPA leadership to press pause on their process and to meet again with the league ultimately did nothing to change the deal. But it apparently did enough to get just enough representatives to vote yes instead of no.

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  1. Personally, I think the ironic part is that the PA helped create the deal. The PA with player executives, so the “Board” not voting to recommend a deal that they or their chosen representatives help make it telling.

    The players should really look at their elected representation.

  2. The membership will almost certainly approve the new CBA. From what we know so far, the proposed new deal will increase compensation for every tier of NFL players and will significantly increase the compensation of the lower tiers of NFL players. Only the top tier players might vote no. Have all of the details leaked yet?

  3. Take a look at the pay structure for the XFL players. Everybody has the same deal except for some, underline the word ‘some’, QBs. And the bottom line is they get paid for playing and for winning. Those who lose or don’t play don’t get paid that week as much as those who play and win. Everyone gets a base pay, then addon for playing and another for winning.

    The NFL should take notes.

  4. This will most likely pass simply because the owners knew if they included a slight pay raise and no testing for marijuana they would get enough players to pass what amounts to one of the worst deals for players in years. One thing the NFL players union has proven over the years is that they are weak and incompetent. I never want to hear a word again about player safety from the NFL or players after this is passed because both sides have proven that money talks and safety walks.

  5. Why aren’t we doing away with 2 of the completely pointless preseason games? It’s a complete rip-off to charge full price for tickets to those games when a season ticket holder is lucky to recoup 25% of what they paid on the open market.

  6. I am a union member. I have benefitted from previous years of negotiations from before I was a union member. Those wages and benefits didn’t all happen in one year. They came a bit at a time.
    The NFLPA got an increase of money (1% of approx. 10 billion dollars or about 100 million), they got a lot of discipline removed from Roger Goodell’s oversight, and they got the reduced drug testing. Take it and see what crops up over the life of the contract to negotiate next time.

  7. remember when 17 game was a deal killer 2 months ago, and how it was about player safety. I do. The bottom line is everything is negotiable and amazing how player safety goes away when you put more money on the table. What everyone got was more money (except fans) less work 12 less days in pad 1 less preseason game for 1 more week of work with a big paycheck. Glad it got done so we won’t have to listen to article about player leverage and how stupid NFL owners are.

  8. Maybe these players that want so much, should be accountable more than they are now both on and off the field.

  9. Most players are stupid with money + new crop of talent every year = bend over and take what the league gives you, and be grateful

  10. The Executive Committee voting against the CBA that THEY negotiated is hilarious!!!! You can’t make this stuff up folks!

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