NFL made three concessions on Tuesday

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When the NFL and NFL Players Association met on Tuesday, the league made three specific concessions. However, none of them were sufficiently significant to require the NFL’s owners to reconvene for a new vote.

Per a league source, the league agreed: (1) to remove the $250,000 cap for players who play a 17th game in a season when they’re already under contract; (2) to give players 48.5 percent of the revenue in any season during which 17 games are played, regardless of the so-called “media kicker” that tied 17 games to a specific revenue goal; and (3) to jointly study strategies for reducing the offseason program during seasons that result in the playing of 17 games.

Under the prior proposal, the 48.5-percent players’ share for 17 games would have been tied to a mininum amount of money generated by the broadcast deal(s) tied to the extra week of games. Now, the players get the 48.5 percent of all revenue when 17 games are played, no matter how much money the extra games will create.

As to the offseason program, there has been no specific agreement regarding further reduction in order to accommodate an extra game. However, the two sides have agreed to further study strategies for reducing the April-to-June practice and workout sessions to reduce the overall injury risk to which players will be exposed, given the added regular-season game.

3 responses to “NFL made three concessions on Tuesday

  1. Football results in a higher injury rate than other sports, the players should get 50%.
    The stadiums are all built now, and were mostly financed by local governments and PSLs (over 50% of the costs). Now that they are built there is no reason not to pay the players 50%. It’s not like the NFL is a well run factory producing iphones, its people watching the players performance.

  2. I don’t get the push for a 17-game schedule. Sixteen games is enough. If anything just get rid of two of the preseason games. They are worthless.

  3. They won’t give up 2 preseason games without potentially getting 2 back. While the preseason is worthless the owners do get to add those games on to the revenue from tickets, concessions, parking, etc. So while the preseason may get reduced it will only be done if they get the 17 game schedule and 1 additional playoff game. The owners would rather get 4 preseason games, 17 regular season and the additional playoff spot. At the end of the day I expect this deal to be approved though because the vast majority of the players cannot afford an extended holdout. While their salaries are more than most of the people that read this article, they horribly mismanage their money. Those bottom and middle roster guys cannot afford to not be playing. Plain and simple.

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