Ramon Foster takes his apparent support for CBA proposal public

Getty Images

In 2011, the Steelers were unanimously opposed to the new CBA. In 2020, they apparently won’t be unanimous.

Center Maurkice Pouncey left no doubt regarding his position on the matter when he posted on social media a more-profanity-than-not video attacking the proposed CBA. Guard Ramon Foster, Pittsburgh’s player rep, has shared his own perspective on Twitter, in response to any and all naysayers.

“This discussion of the deal has been in place for years,” Foster said. “We’ve withheld our royalty checks for years prepping for this.”

As to the rash of players offering up a vague “no” on the proposed CBA, Foster said this: “No one ever explains why, it’s just no. Kinda like voting for Trump in 2016. A lot of folks said they didn’t, but the polls and the end result said differently. No that’s not my political stance and I’d never discuss that publicly. I’m still kinda old school.”

Given the context, the inescapable conclusion is that Foster supports, and in his capacity as a representative voted for, the proposed CBA. And as guys like Pouncey will be trying to get other players to vote against in when full membership addresses the CBA, Foster and others will be pushing the other way.

With this being the first NFL CBA fight in a world of fully-developed social media, the two sides in this debate may be just getting warmed up.