Albert Okwuegbunam runs 4.49-second 40

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Missouri’s Albert Okwuegbunam ran one of the fastest 40 times we’ve ever seen from a tight end today at the Scouting Combine.

Okwuegbunam was timed in 4.49 seconds and 4.50 seconds in his two attempts, according to NFL Network. The NFL later said the 4.49 was his official time, which makes him just the fifth tight end ever at the Combine to run in under 4.5 seconds.

That’s an outstanding time for a player his size. Okwuegbunam weighed in at 258 pounds.

Okwuegbunam played three years at Missouri. Last season he had 26 catches for 306 yards and six touchdowns.

8 responses to “Albert Okwuegbunam runs 4.49-second 40

  1. My guess is the NFL scouts are paying close attention. The new Hybrid WideOuts are getting bigger; basically TE’s that no longer get judged on inline blocking skills and are oversized mismatch WR’s. The Gronk and Kelce days are over.

  2. He surprised the commentators and the shots of coaches at the time looks like they suddenly got interested. He is an example of someone who took preparing seriously. It will be interesting to see how he gets draft rating bump.

  3. Speed doesnt always mean PROBOWL TE. Although it helps and cant be taught. But, we’ve seen TEs with speed like that and they couldn’t catch or block. I hope he makes a NFL roster and has a great career though..( but he needs a nick-name like A-OK or something because that last name is brutal)

  4. The run looked very relaxed at that 4.9 time. However, you still overpay in the 3rd I think. I’ve been seeing him available in the 5th on mock draft simulators with various ‘expert’ boards. BR, Walter FB, CBS, etc.
    It’s kind of fun if you haven’t tried it. Draft for your favorite team as GM and the computer does the rest.

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