Bengals met with Joe Burrow Wednesday

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Quarterback Joe Burrow put speculation to rest this week when he said he will play for the Bengals if they draft him with the first overall pick and one of the steps necessary to make that happen took place in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

Burrow met with a group that included team owner Mike Brown, head coach Zac Taylor, offensive coordinator Brian Callahan and others for an 18-minute interview at the Scouting Combine. Callahan said he thinks Burrow would make a smooth transition to the team’s offense and noted the thing that impresses him the most about the potential first overall pick.

“Either they have the feel or they don’t and Joe’s got it in spades. A great natural feel in the pocket,” Callahan said, via the team’s website. “Guys I’ve been around, some have really great feel, some have OK feel. There are some things you can do to get better. You can drill it. But really, at the end of the day, it’s such a feel–based thing for quarterbacks. The guys that are the best at it keep their eyes downfield. They move and slide while getting the ball to different receivers. Those are the guys you can’t teach that.”

Callahan said he also thinks quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert are worthy of being top picks in this year’s draft, but the feeling at the moment is that Burrow is the apple of the Bengals’ eye.

20 responses to “Bengals met with Joe Burrow Wednesday

  1. Being a Lions fan I’ve experienced bad ownership. In all my years of following the NFL I’ve never heard one single good thing said about Mike Brown. I’d be losing sleep right now if I was Joe Burrow.

  2. Maybe this meeting was designed to get their phones to start ringing. Some other teams might not have wanted to seem too desperate, so maybe the Bengals are trying to start a game of Chicken. I’ll bet the Bengals receive a couple trade offers today.

  3. The Bengals will draft Burrow.
    They aren’t as bad as their record was when AJ Green returns.
    Give them a good QB and a reasonable draft and they will be average.

  4. Don’t do it Joe

    Gonna be like luck and get you beat to a pulp and out of the league quick.

    They won’t invest in your future just you.

  5. Hope he didn’t believe a single word out of Mike Brown’s mouth.

    Burrow should run screaming into the night from that rancid franchise

  6. golladayinnexpress says:
    February 27, 2020 at 7:19 am
    Being a Lions fan I’ve experienced bad ownership. In all my years of following the NFL I’ve never heard one single good thing said about Mike Brown. I’d be losing sleep right now if I was Joe Burrow.


    He may be a shrewd businessman, but he is a good person. If nothing else, read about what he did for Devon Still as his daughter was battling cancer.

  7. The 2019 Bengals lost 7 games by 7 points or less. Yes, they were bad. They also showed some flashes, all while playing without their first round pick and AJ Green. If the Bengals go 2-15 (I hate this 17 game math) by all means, they should be written off forever. We’ll see what kind of coach Zac Taylor is, but with Jonah Williams and AJ Green back, even with Andy Dalton, they’ll be better than most people expect. If Burrow is legit, he’ll have them on the up and up.

  8. Burrow to the Bengals media “For sure I want to play for the Bengals. I think ownership is sound and they have a great young coach”.

    Burrow in reality ” Seriously the Bungles? The Brown family is cheap and clueless and Opie their coach is way over his head. I’m not playing for that dumpster fire”

  9. As a bengals fan, I have always hoped for the best but expected the worse. But it’s never stopped my support. I think Burrow will do great there. Especially if we draft well this year. We fix that offensive line and we could win 8 or 9 games. But the following year I see us in the playoff. Once again with a good draft. That is the key that we do after Burrow. That pick 33 is so important cause we can grab someone that has fallen out of the first round that could be a star as well.

  10. Done deal. Burrow will be a Bengal. This offense will be a lot better than last year. The OL will be much improved with the addition of Jonah and the maturation of some of the young guys plus Green will be back. Ross for a full season would be a plus.
    The D is up in the air. The line is great but we really need to fill some spots at LB and Safety and hope the CBs are healthy.
    Drafting at the top of each round will help but I’m thinking some trades in the draft and FA signings could really stock the cupboard.

  11. Always so wonderful to hear all the sage like wisdom of other teams fans. They seem to know more about the Bengals and their front office and coaching that the actual team. News flash guys, this is not the crummy Dolphins, Redskins, Jaguars, Lions, and Browns. According to all you folk, these QB’s should want to go to those sorry teams over Cincy? Get real! The Bengals are a few years removed from 5 straight playoffs. I can only find one playoff game amongst all of those teams. No one wants to go to Miami unless they’re old and retired…

  12. Mike Brown has forgotten more about football than most of the peanut gallery ever knew. I guess people just repeat what other ill informed folks say. Brown has made guys like Carson Palmer, Andrew Whitworth, Andy Dalton, Geno Atkins, Chad Johnson, etc. some of the highest paid players at their position.
    What do the players think about ownership? Ask any of them. you never hear a bad word out of any of the locker room. The one exception was Palmer, who blamed everybody but himself for his mediocre years with the Bengals. While playing as the highest paid QB in NFL history, at that time, he managed to lead in blown games as a result of fumbling, red zone interception, and overthrown passes.
    As a fan, my one concern about Brown is his loyalty to Players and coaches in the organization. He tries to keep current players rather than bring in free agents. If loyalty to your employees is a problem you must be doing something right.

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