Division III offensive lineman Ben Bartch gained weight in unusual fashion

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It’s a big step to go from Division III St. John’s University in Minnesota to the NFL Scouting Combine.

But Ben Bartch had some big — and frankly, kind of gross — breakfasts to help fuel the journey.

Via Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Bartch described the smoothie concoction he used to gain 65 pounds to make the switch from tight end to tackle.

Since it’s breakfast time, and since you’re curious, here’s what Bartch threw in the blender in his effort to bulk up.

— Seven scrambled eggs

— A tub of cottage cheese

— Quick grits

— Peanut butter

— A banana

— Gatorade

I’d gag sometimes, but that’s what you have to do,” Bartch said.

Each of those ingredients individually are fine. Together, it’s kind of hard to imagine how he got them all down. Or how he came to the conclusion it was a good idea.

“I just kind of researched online for the most clean and healthy ingredients for putting on good mass,” he said. “That summer I went from 250 [pounds] to 275, and then after that I went from 275 to 305.”

Bartch was invited to the Senior Bowl, and suffered a minor knee injury there which will keep him from working out in Indianapolis. He’ll work out at Minnesota’s pro day on March 25.

And hopefully, between now and then he can have a few breakfasts that require actual utensils.