Raiders crossing fingers new practice facility will be ready for June minicamp

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The Raiders have planned all along to have training camp back in California this summer, but coach Jon Gruden spilled the beans that they wanted to have their June minicamp in their new Las Vegas home.

Of course, that assumes that the new facility is actually finished.

Via Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the team facility in Henderson, Nev. is scheduled to be complete in June, which cuts it very close to the time Gruden says they’re using the place.

We want to make sure their showers are on, we can watch film and everything is ready to go,” General Manager Mike Mayock said.

They’re still doing all their offseason work and pre-draft preparations at their Alameda, Calif. facility, but Mayock said the goal is to have everything ready in Nevada so they’re not learning how to get around the place as the season begins.

“I don’t really want the players walking around like this ‘Wow, this is cool,’ while we’re getting ready for Week One,” Mayock said. “I want to get all the shock and awe out of there. Get them used to it. Know where their meetings are, where everything is in the building. And when we get back from training camp, it’s ‘Let’s go to work.’ . . .

“Hopefully, (with) as much advance work that’s gone into this, it’ll be seamless for the football people. I’m not saying it’s going to be seamless for everybody. But the most important priority is making sure when we set up [in Henderson] after camp — and hopefully we’ll have a couple preseason games at home to finish up the preseason and get the stadium rolling, make sure we’re good in our building — so that when week one happens, it’s just an afterthought.”

Other teams have struggled during the relocation process, with the Rams going 4-12 and the Chargers losing their first four home games when they moved to Los Angeles. The Raiders are obviously hoping to avoid that, and are pushing the construction timeline close to when they want to move in.