Barry Sanders has fun with Garth Brooks fans’ misunderstanding

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We may have found the candidate to truly unite the country.

After a simple misunderstanding led some fans to disavow country music star Garth Brooks, former Lions running back Barry Sanders injected the right note of levity (and sanity) to the situation.

To make a long viral story short, Brooks played a concert in Detroit, and went on stage wearing a Barry Sanders jersey.

Sanders, you might recall, wore number 20.

But a certain subset of the internet thought Brooks was endorsing Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and the Internet ensued, with all kinds of insane online responses to a fairly benign choice of shirt.

Like Barry Sanders, Brooks went to Oklahoma State, so he was just being a fan for a second (and/or perhaps pandering a bit to local football fans).

Barry Sanders, like he did on so many football fields, saw the hole and hit it quickly.

It’s a little late to start a campaign, but he would have a good chance to win a swing state in Michigan, and perhaps the folks in Hawaii who always loved the Honolulu Blue.

UPDATE 1:00 p.m. ET: Garth is in!

8 responses to “Barry Sanders has fun with Garth Brooks fans’ misunderstanding

  1. What a bunch of total morons. It’s not even like he was at some random event someplace else–it was actually in Detroit.

  2. My favorite Winston Churchill quote goes something like this….”My greatest argument against the idea of Democracy would be a five minute conversation with the average voter”.

  3. People have access to more information than ever before. Anyone can look up anything on their phone at any time, and the internet has virtually all knowledge. And yet, people are just about as stupid and ignorant as ever

  4. I’m surprised anyone would make this mistake. It’s mindblowing. But it shows the cultural impact of POTUS’s vitriolic hate towards all who dare question him. In that context, is anyone surprised by his supporters angry and hateful responses/reactions?

    It’s a safe bet that FOX News will blame the Democrats for this mixup.

  5. Can I just say that Barry Sanders could be the greatest running back I’ve ever witnessed play in the NFL? I mean it, the guy spent an entire career making NFL defenders look completely impaired – particularly my Packers.

    I don’t mean to take thing-one away from anyone else’s “greatest running back”, I’m just offering up my opinion after 50+ years of fandom. I don’t care about ‘stats’ or ‘what ifs’ … the guy was just plain astounding.

    As for Garth – the kids in the 90’s sure liked him, but, he can’t touch George Strait – and I’m not a “country music geek”.

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