Tony Romo stays with CBS, at $17 million per year

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At times it seemed like it was going to be close enough to make a grown man say “ooooo” and “eeeee.” In the end, however, Tony Romo opted to stay put.

John Ourand of Sports Business Journal reports that Romo has signed a long-term deal to stay at CBS. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that the deal is worth an unprecedented $17 million per year.

Under his last contract with the Cowboys, Romo was making $18 million per year.

ESPN was believed to be interested in hiring Romo, whose three-year deal at CBS had expired. And some ridiculously big numbers had been bandied about. CBS had a right of first refusal under its prior contract with Romo.

As Ourand notes, the deal shows that CBS intends to have an NFL deal when the current contracts renew. That process is expected to commence once the NFL and NFL Players Association finalize a new CBA.

28 responses to “Tony Romo stays with CBS, at $17 million per year

  1. That dude is livin’ the high life. QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Dated Jessica Simpson when she was hot. PGA golfer. Top NFL broadcaster.

  2. Good for Romo. He’s the best and is getting paid like it. I was very surprised at first but it makes more sense the more I think about it. Let the haters hate, Tony. Laugh it up all the way to the bank.

  3. $17M sounds like a crazy number at first, but when you take into account that networks pay their top sitcom stars north of $20M it’s not so nuts (relatively speaking).

  4. Romo is a singular talent who has the gift of great broadcasting. Thought he was overrated as QB, but $17 mill is the going rate for an awesome NFL talking-head. Get over it already!

  5. Top to bottom, and just my opinion here, the CBS broadcasting teams are superior to Fox’s. I used to grumble when the Pack ended up on CBS … now, I flip handsprings and crap nickles (anyone have a coin roller?).

    Romo is the best in the game. Again, just my opinion. So pay the man.

  6. Good for him but as far as I’m concerned all the announcing / analyst teams are a black hole of suck. They’re all terrible and painful to listen to which causes me to often watch with volume down. Not one of those guys is worth 17 million a year for what they do.

  7. Meh, John Madden was making $20 million per & Tony doesn’t have a Video Game Production named after him… there. How’s Nantz doin today?

  8. We’ll never have Summerall and Madden of the 80s and 90s again. But Tony is a good listen, he’s in the head of today’s QBs, and is an uncanny play predictor. And it’s expected the new TV deal will be even less about Fox=NFC and CBS=AFC… there will be more balancing of interconference games, and even some “non-network” in-conference games so that both networks can get eyeballs on the screens. Worth the money for CBS.

  9. It’s been a very long time since NFL broadcasts (including radio) had color commentators who could explain the fine details of the game that the average joe couldn’t see. John Maddon was like that very early on in his broadcast career. Hank Stram was even better. But those were old school successful coaches who drew up with the X’s and O’s and who lived football. Their commentary and information was appealing. Listening to an ex-jock mumble some canned response is meaningless. No knock on Tony, but he’s paired with one of the best announcers. The telecast does not need to be a snooze fest. Too often between plays they should be telling the director to replay an angle not seen during the broadcast (line play, routes run, DB coverage).

    What is Nance getting paid?

  10. Why do people trumpet these deals? It only makes people scratch their heads because he’s not worth this.

  11. It is bizarre how medicore people in life just fall into these things.

    17 mil per do yammer into a mic like it is one of us watching a game.

  12. My two favorites are Romo and Chris Spielman. Those two have the head to know exactly what’s happening, and why, and then have the ability to put it into words and explain it, with passion, in just a couple seconds. I actually liked Romo better his first season. I love his insight but it seemed like the network saw his ratings and told him to talk more. I think they’re over-doing it a little and hopefully back in down a notch. I love to hear Spielman explain the defense like Romo does the offense. But still, I’ve never decided which game I’m going to watch based on who’s in the booth, but if you’re the best, you share in the money. Happy for Romo.

  13. Romo has got to be the luckiest guy in the sports world. first Dallas overpays him for his arm and now CBS overpays him for his voice.he wasnt worth 18 million as qb and he certainly isnt worth 17 million uttering words on television.Rush Limbaugh another overpaid hack will roll over in his soon to be grave at Romos numbers.

  14. Angel Valle says:
    February 29, 2020 at 10:02 am
    Hes horrible ! I mute the games he does !

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    Absolutely. His voice is very annoying as is his face and he sounds like one of use just yelling things out during a game.

  15. This is insane. I’d literally watch with no announcers.
    Amen! Actually, it happened once – 1980, Jets v Dolphins. The stadium announcer was amplified to provide game information and to add to the television viewing ambience. It was epic – pleasant, even serene.

    Also, amen to the preference of CBS over FOX. I’m thrilled when an AFC team comes to Washington, or there’s a switch. And it’s not just the announcers – there’s a real cheesiness to FOX productions. Compare FOX’s down and distance graphic to those of CBS and the Cadillac, NBC.

  16. It’s a ridiculous number when you realize he’s making about what CBS News top anchors combined. Mark Harmon gets $19m a year for NCIS. Now maybe they give Romo a daily show on their CBS Sports Network, have him do some golf or do a radio show, have him host a reality show, a game show or something.
    But nobody tunes into games because he is in the booth. I’m also thinking though he’s about the only person under 60 at CBS Sports and they want to have some continuity when Nantz, Brown, Cowher, Simms and Esiason retire in the next couple of years.

    The funny thing is – I’m not sure Romo is that interested in doing more than the weekly games.

  17. Can’t see $1 million per game for just your color announcer so I think until the contract is fully divulged you can’t judge it. There has to be other things in there CBS wants him to do other than just NFL games.

  18. I want CBS to prove he’s worth it. Is there some sort of WAR for broadcasters that show that he’s worth $16 million more than say if you pay James Lofton $1 million and place him with Nantz instead? I wish we could see the ratings difference, because I doubt like a million more people are watching Chiefs/Ravens at 4:25pm on a Sunday because Romo is on the call.

  19. Next thing you know, they’ll be referring to him as a future hall if gamer, with a whole ONE playoff victory in his entire career…..

  20. @ tylawspick6

    “It is bizarre how medicore people in life just fall into these things. 17 mil per do yammer into a mic like it is one of us watching a game.”

    Romo is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to this game, so what exactly is mediocre (correctly spelled) about his ability to see what is about to transpire on the field given the offensive formation? Romo often accurately predicts plays, has a great knowledge of the game, and gets paid handsomely for that knowledge. He didn’t “just fall into” his knowledge, swifty. His knowledge was surely earned by being on the field, but I guess some just can’t be happy for other people and their successes.

    What is bizarre is you calling a true student of the game “medicore”. Sounds like good ol’ fashioned jealousy to me.

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