NFLPA estimates two extra playoff games to be worth $150 million in 2020 season

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Two extra playoffs games will result in plenty of extra money.

In a summary of the proposed CBA sent by the NFL Players Association to all players, the NFLPA estimates that expansion of the postseason from 12 to 14 teams in 2020, resulting in two extra wild-card games, will generate $150 million in additional revenue.

With the players’ share remaining at 47 percent in 2020 before bumping to 48 percent in 2021 (and 48.5 percent when the regular season expands), that’s roughly $70.5 million in extra money for the players.

That number will only grow under new TV deals. Even if it doesn’t, that’s $1.5 billion over 10 years — and well over $700 million in extra money for players.

8 responses to “NFLPA estimates two extra playoff games to be worth $150 million in 2020 season

  1. That TV number may jump if Coronavirus keeps people home because of “no large gatherings” being allowed.
    This is not a panic comment just a fact of what is being proposed at this time and who knows how long it’s going to continue?

  2. Is that revenue split 32 ways?
    After the players cut that’s barely 2 million extra to each billionaire owner.
    At the cost of watering down the playoffs.

  3. Can’t believe the players have not addressed their pay in playoff games, while the NFL makes more from these games, a bunch of players take a massive pay cut from their regular season pay per game, because the NFL pays by some schedule by round that hasn’t been revisited in years.

  4. if they have to increase the playoff games, which I do not favor, they should go to seeding by conference or entire NFL, that way .500 division winner is eliminated.

  5. I used to respected that the NFL didn’t let everyone into the playoffs like hockey and the NBA. It makes the regular season more meaningful.

    As a fan, I don’t want 17 or 18 regular season games. I don’t want to see more playoff teams and further dilution of the playoff pool.

    I do want less preseason games (and I’m not even a season ticket holder).

    The billionaires are going to kill their golden goose one of these days.

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