Proposed CBA increases penalties for DUI

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The price of driving drunk goes up under the proposed CBA.

Currently, a DUI offense results in a baseline suspension of two games. The new labor deal, if ratified by the players, will result in a 50-percent increase in the punishment.

According to the details provided by the NFL Players Association to all players, a DUI will result in a three-game suspension moving forward.

For players who currently face DUI charges, it could make sense to strike a plea deal ASAP. Unless the final language of the new CBA specifies that the enhanced punishment applies only to incidents happening after ratification, resolution of charges before and after the new CBA is enacted could make a huge difference for the player.

That said, it’s hard to feel bad for any player (or anyone else) who gets a DUI in this day and age, when merely pressing a couple of buttons on a ride-sharing app results in a car showing up within minutes.

5 responses to “Proposed CBA increases penalties for DUI

  1. DUI doesn’t mean drunk driving, it’s driving under the influence. It includes being impaired by marijuana, etc…

    Getting a DUI is failing a social I.Q. test, putting others at high risk. When you get one you’re literally to stupid and irresponsible to be allowed the privilege of operating a motor vehicle. Can’t argue with the league’s punishment.

    Maybe they should throw in a 100 hours of community service.

  2. I don’t want to go too “scorched Earth” here but there really is zero reason for an NFL player to get a DUI in today’s society (as pointed out at the end of the article). So, with that in mind, I have no problem with doubling the current punishment (3 is probably reasonable though). I heard a rumour a while back that every NFL team has a 24/7 no questions asked hotline where, if called, they will send a ride for the player to get them safely home. No idea if that’s really a thing but maybe it should be, considering the team and ownership has plenty to lose from players missing games.

  3. Believe there is some confusion here. I distinctly recall guys busted for put did not get a two game suspension. If I’m wrong feel free to correct my errant ways.

  4. The penalties should be stiff for NFL players who get a dui as a result of being intoxicated. It’s simple. You get intoxicated in any way shape or form, then find another way home other than driving. Uber, Lyft, Taxis, bus etc are easily accessible rather than someone’s life being put at risk.

  5. The problem is they won’t make it illegal to drink and drive. Pretend everyone can be responsible if they just try. Zero tolerance is needed.

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