Proposed CBA would cover 11 years, not 10

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The document provided by the NFL Players Association to all players has plenty of details about the proposed CBA. Some are surprising.

Reportedly a 10-year deal that would go through 2029 (like the 2011 10-year CBA that runs from 2011 through 2020), the summary sent by the union to all players specifies at the very bottom of the 10-page document that the CBA covers the 2020 season through the 2030 season.

That’s not a 10-year deal. It’s an eleven-year deal. And that’s fine, if the players want to commit for that long. But they need to know that they’re doing so.

As a practical matter, 10 or 11 years doesn’t mean much, since most of them will be retired by the time the extra year rolls around. Still, they need to realize the extent of the commitment before voting for or against it.

7 responses to “Proposed CBA would cover 11 years, not 10

  1. 32 billionaires agreed to a labor proposal that lasts over a decade? I’m sure the players will win this one….

  2. Even ten years seems like quite a long time, but, you’re right, most guys will retire before the deal expires. I guess there are just so many guys that would do anything to play pro football, the players are kind of at the mercy of the owners. I doubt very many come from super wealthy families. If one guy decided to walk away, ten more would be willing to take over that job. The game of chicken wouldn’t last long. In reality, the owners don’t even need to negotiate with the players. They could just lay down the rules and see who wants those big paychecks. The players come and go, but the audience never leaves. It just keeps growing and growing.

  3. It’s ten years just like they the players contracts……it’s made with one year on the books with inclusion of it going forward, attaching to the New ten year deal. Excluding that first year and continuing with the current CBA, would actually hurt the current players as they get raises this coming season.

  4. I’m actually kinda looking forward to the upcoming player strike.

    Replacement players? work stoppage? Players taking a huge loss and eventually caving anyways?

    As a fan that’s been priced out of games, I’m kinda over players getting $20 million a year (or more) anyway, honestly.

  5. It’s still a 10 year deal it’s just the current season is renegotiated. It’s odd to take the stance of it being 11 when players exted their contract we hear it’s all about “new money” well this is all about “new years”.

  6. Who thought it was only 10? They increased deal to include this year to get yes votes. No surprise at all, except to one person

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