Combine video leaks with Trey Adams giving very candid answer

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The NFL and the Scouting Combine traditionally have had a hard time keeping confidential information under wraps. Perhaps one of the biggest (and funniest) leaks ever has happened during the recent annual incoming rookie convention in Indianapolis.

In a video that, per a league source, reflects a Q&A conducted by Combine staff and not by any specific team, Washington tackle Trey Adams is asked, “If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?”

He pauses, considers the question, twists his mouth for a moment, and sheepishly says, “Bigger d-ck.” Then he decides to say it more clearly, confidently: “Bigger d-ck.”

As the source explained it, teams usually don’t get the interviews conducted by Combine staff until next week. Teams assign Combine workers (usually, younger scouts), and someone working with the Combine let it out.

Long-time NFL exec and NFL Media analyst Gil Brandt sounded off about the breach of confidentiality on Twitter: “I hope the person who leaked the Trey Adams video is found out and punished to the fullest extent. These are supposed to be confidential meetings. Not fair to Adams or the process. Both players and teams rely on this confidentiality to have honest discussions.”

That’s fine, but the NFL has no qualms about using its media arm to publicize leaks of confidential information about player discipline (in direct violation of league policy), and no one ever says boo about it. If the league decides to go scorched earth over a hilarious comment that isn’t embarrassing in any way to Trey Adams (but for the fact that he discloses a private wish that has fueled an entire industry of medication and supplements), that would be unfortunate.

17 responses to “Combine video leaks with Trey Adams giving very candid answer

  1. The leaker should be punished. The content of the leak doesn’t matter. They broke rules. If anything, the NFL is lucky this wasn’t more serious infomation leaked… and they still get to use it as a perfect example on what will happen if you leak anything. No mercy.

  2. Players assc. Should demand ban to interviews until they are guaranteed to be kept quiet. Why would you answer? It has nothing but downside.

  3. These guys have no leverage. They are not in the union yet. The only option is to stay away from the combine and let the scouts watch tape. Most of these drills and measurements are meaningless even if they wore pads.

  4. This is similiar to being asked what is your greatest weakness in a job interview. Nothing wrong with the question at all.

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