Jack Conklin may be headed to the Jets

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A year ago, the Titans opted not to exercise their fifth-year option on tackle Jack Conklin‘s rookie contract. As a result, he may be headed for a franchise that entered the AFL as the Titans.

Per a league source, one NFL team has been informed that Conklin plans to sign with the Jets when free agency opens on March 18.

The report is just that, and nothing more. It doesn’t mean that the Jets and Conklin’s representation have struck a wink-nod deal. It doesn’t mean that they’ve even talked, although tampering is rampant in Indianapolis at the Scouting Combine.

All it means is that one NFL team has been informed that Conklin plans to sign with the Jets. Within the next 18 days, we’ll find out whether that happens.

Or, actually, within the next 16. The legal tampering period allows agreements in principle to be reached, and last year dozens of deals were leaked to the media not long after the window opened for officially negotiating them.

Selected in round one from Michigan State in 2016, Conklin has started all 16 games in three of his four seasons in Tennessee.

19 responses to “Jack Conklin may be headed to the Jets

  1. Titans didn’t pick up 5th year team option, and now hoping to sign him? The free agency deal he gets will far exceed that option amount. Not sure I understand why they didn’t pick up the option. Others, besides the Jets, will be interested. March 16-18 can’t get here fast enough.

  2. The Seahawks did this with Ifedi, and in hindsight everyone says they should have picked up the option. What has to be factored in is a guys combined output over his first 3 years and also the fact that players tend to perform better when thrust into a sudden ‘contract’ season. It’s a real thing.

    Who knows a player better than the one that had him on the roster his first 3 seasons? The 5th year option on a first rd tackle isn’t cheap (over 10 mil) and if a guy has been marginal or injury riddled…..a team really doesn’t just want to extend that player out another 1 season at a big pay raise-

  3. He would prob sign with Browns, but I dont think he has the ‘set’ to be compared with Joe Thomas

  4. This is almost two and a half weeks until free agency. Seemingly every team needs line help. How can he really already know what offers are out there?

  5. This seems unlikely, for the simple reason that the Jets will likely have to replace their entire line, or almost all of it. Osemele is definitely not returning, and the rest are FAs. Conklin is going to command a lot of money, and the draft has a few good tackles that could play right, which is Conklin’s position. If they sign him, they’ll have spent a chunk of money on a solid but not best right tackle in a year when they’ll have to find three interior starters too, in addition to finding a new left tackle in the draft. I think if you’re spending that money, you’d do it for a proven LT at the pro level, not someone that will have to ease into the role while also replacing the other starters too. And he’s going to get a lot of money for a team needing to replace so many starters, so I don’t think he’ll be in their price range.

  6. onebuffalove716 says:
    March 1, 2020 at 2:08 pm
    Jerry Hughes and all other afc pass rushers agree with this move

    15 11



    He was an all time Colts bust. Do you honestly think BB gameplans for Jerry Hughes?

  7. Total New York Jets move ILMAO!!!!! Only the Jets could be stupid enough to go out and sign a RT like Jack Conklin to a record setting deal in a year where the draft is absolutely LOADED with high end OT prospects who can play on either side of the OL & all are better prospects than Conklin. Just moronic and an absolute waste of money, I mean why not save that money and draft a guy like Jedrick Wills or Mekhi Becton, then in round 3 draft a Center like the kid from Temple in Remington award winner C J. Hennessy and then make sure to resign their LT to a 1-2YR deal which would give them a damn good OL & would save them a ton of cap space. Use that cap space instead to beef up the defense n bring in a pass catching weapon for Darnold.

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