Joe Burrow wants the Bengals to keep A.J. Green

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Maybe when Joe Burrow talked about having leverage, he meant over personnel decisions.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, Burrow “made it clear” he wanted the Bengals to retain free agent wide receiver A.J. Green.

The LSU quarterback did the best he could to extinguish the fires he and his family set regarding his interest in playing for Cincinnati, but he’d obviously like to have as competitive a team around him as possible.

Reports indicate the Bengals plan to franchise tag the veteran wide receiver if they can’t sign him to a long-term deal, and while we’re talking about grudging acceptance in the face of limited options, Green has said it’s fine with him if they do.

If the Bengals keep Green and he’s healthy, Burrow would ostensibly have a decent cast of offensive skill position talent around him, with running back Joe Mixon and wide receiver Tyler Boyd and the eternal hope that John Ross will be healthy and something other than fast.

But you can’t assume Green will be well or be there for long, as he missed all of last season and 23 of the last 32 games with injuries, and his comments about being tagged made it clear he didn’t think it was a reasonable pathway to a long-term deal.

“The franchise tag is not the best thing,” Green said. “But like I said, I’m not turning down 18 million dollars. It just happens. When you run a business, you have to make difficult decisions.

“But I feel like when you put that on me, then that’s what you’re showing me, you only want me for one year. And I always play with a chip on my shoulder.”

To call it an less-than-stable situation undersells it a bit, but this is the Bengals we’re talking about, and you don’t go 30 years without winning a playoff game by accident.

10 responses to “Joe Burrow wants the Bengals to keep A.J. Green

  1. So you’re saying the bengals should just pay him whatever he wants despite missing 23-32 games? I think this is a goodwill offer to aj and protects them. Keep in mind they didn’t rush him back last seasons and pretty much gave him the year off.

  2. There is a decent cast of skill players there with or without Green. They need linemen to keep him upright more than they need Green who will probably be injured for at least 6 games.

    Green should be tagged and traded if possible.

  3. Cast is more than “decent” with Green, Boyd, Mixon and Ross. You can also add Auden Tate and Gio Bernard in there. IT is all about the line which should be much better with Jonah and hopefully a free agent signing or a draft pick.

  4. Wide receiver is probably the only position where that team doesn’t need an upgrade honestly.

  5. The team will tag Green in March, then wait until mini-camp to see if he’s fully recovered and back to form before offering a long term deal. They have until July 15 and Mike Brown is in no hurry.

  6. erinrodgersreachednirvana says:
    March 2, 2020 at 9:32 am
    Wide receiver is probably the only position where that team doesn’t need an upgrade honestly.
    Are you kidding? Boyd is the only dependable receiver in that team right now. Aj is an unknown and John Ross has been a bitter disappointment. Don’t be surprised to see the team draft multiple receivers in this years draft due to the dearth at the position. I think without a doubt they are drafting at least one of those guys replacements in the first three rounds in the draft.

  7. Zac Taylor had Eifert for a full year and didn’t figure out how to use him.

  8. Zac Taylor had Eifert for a full year and didn’t figure out how to use him.

    You just said it. They got 16 games out of him. Seems like they figured it out how to use him to me. They kept him healthy and unleashed him in the final few games and we could see hes still a big play guy

  9. I love AJ, one of my favorite Bengals of all time. I want them to sign him to a 3 year deal, even if it might be a little more than they otherwise should worth an aging, injury prone WR.

    But, if you could guarantee me that Justin Jefferson falls to 33, then I’ll trade AJ in a heart beat and work on that offensive line and LB corp.

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