Proposed CBA limits annual international games to 10 through 2025

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If/when (when) the NFL adds a 17th game, the league will immediately acquire an inventory of 16 games that could be played at neutral sites. But only 10 of those games will be played in neutral sites in other countries.

The summary of the details of the proposed CBA sent by the NFL Players Association to all players explains that there will be no more than 10 international games in any season through 2025. After 2025, the league and the union will “meet and confer as to the need for additional games.”

The deal also requires a $5,000 per player stipend for teams that play more than one international game, and that teams cannot play more than three international games in a given year without first consulting with the union.

Thus, unless the NFL will be playing neutral-site games domestically (South Bend, Ann Arbor, Columbus, etc. would be awesome locations), a competitive imbalance will exist between teams with nine home games and teams with fewer than that. But that hasn’t, and won’t, get in the way of the pursuit of dollar. Or the equivalent international currency.

5 responses to “Proposed CBA limits annual international games to 10 through 2025

  1. The need for a formula, like the rotational schedule between divisions/conferences, is apparent. That said, the NFL will push hard to get to 18 games to solve the schedule “disparity. “ The reality is they just want the money.

  2. International games are ridiculous. The NFL will never, ever catch on in countries where soccer is the sport of choice.

    The NFL needs to decide once and for all what it’s really about, where its focus lies:

    The integrity of the sport of football,
    Pushing a political agenda,
    Making as much money as possible.

    Whichever one they choose will necessarily have a negative effect on the other two.

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