Report: CBS tried to hire Peyton Manning

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Tony Romo wasn’t the only former NFL quarterback to get a lucrative contract offer from CBS last week. Romo was just the only one to accept.

According to the New York Post, CBS offered Peyton Manning a contract that would have paid him $10 million to $12 million a year for five or six seasons.

The report doesn’t actually say that Manning turned CBS down, just that he “was not quick to decide.” It appears that Manning was CBS’s backup plan to be the network’s No. 1 analyst if Romo had turned them down, but it’s not clear whether CBS will still try to hire Manning in any other capacity.

Manning has long been ESPN’s top choice to serve as Monday Night Football color commentator, but so far he has chosen not to work in television in any major capacity. He does some work for ESPN’s online subscription service, but to get him to make the commitment to become a game analyst might require an offer exceeding the $17 million a year that Romo got from CBS.

12 responses to “Report: CBS tried to hire Peyton Manning

  1. Offered him 10-12mil and then signed Romo to 17mil/year? Guess we won’t see Peyton on CBS anytime soon lol

  2. Oh god. As if Gomer is not on my tv screen enough? It is almost like the nfl is trying to get worse.

  3. Manning is not really good at commentating. He just doesn’t have the natural juice or charisma to excel in it. He’s just a name and anyone that’s listened to him on ESPN + knows this

  4. They would be stupid to hire him after what he did to that female college trainer.

  5. I wish someone would give him 10-12 million to stop doing those cheesy Nationwide commercials!!!

  6. Monday Night football is done for. I don’t know if it’s just bad luck, but ESPN seems to get a D-list game week after week.

  7. Not sure I could handle that voice for 3+ hours. It’s like he’s perpetually swallowing gum.

  8. I think there’s a spot for Peyton somewhere. I like the sneak peeks they show of his show in ESPN+ (I won’t pay for that so I’ve never seen one in its entirety). He doesn’t have much of a personality but he does seem to be entertaining in those. I’m not sure how he’d be as a broadcaster though.

    Frankly I wouldn’t mind if they could get Dan Fouts to do the color. I’m sure there are people who don’t like him but I doubt there’s anyone out there that someone wouldn’t say something bad about. I think they need to get someone who is established instead of throwing out another crew of newbies. It’s pathetic they can’t seem to find a broadcast crew that works. I didn’t mind Tirico and Gruden even though Gruden sometimes went rogue like he did for five minutes talking about the turkey-hole. Maybe bringing Tirico back along with someone like Fouts.

  9. I could see him in the studio show with scripted stuff and player interviews. He’s not a good fit for live in the booth stuff.
    Romo, on the other hand, is somehow better at it than anyone would have guessed.

  10. cjmcfootball says:

    Romo, on the other hand, is somehow better at it than anyone would have guessed.

    I think that’s an understatement of epic proportion. I thought they were crazy for hiring him and putting him in the booth as the #1 team. However, he appears to be a natural. I like him and Jim Nantz together.

  11. What about Philip Rivers…He’s a chatter box and can be funny and knows football inside and out.

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